The Collet An Essential Piece of CNC Machine Technology

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The world of computer numerical control or CNC machinery is one that not many people know about. When most people think of heavy machinery, they may consider more basic tools, such as power tools or even construction equipment. But CNC machinery consists of a special kinds of tools, most of which are used for production in factories and workshops. Without CNC tooling, we would not have most of the items we use on a regular basis, such as automobiles, airplanes, and even indoor plumbing parts.

In order for CNC machines to work, they rely on many different parts, which are created by CNC machine tool manufacturers. For the most part, CNC machines contain cutting tools in order to shape the products they create. However, in order to use those cutting tools, machinery must have the right tool holders to keep them in place. These tool holders are commonly referred to as collets, which are a type of chuck, similar to the ones used to hold drill bits onto drills.

Primarily, there are two different types of collets: internal and external. The internal variety fits inside the CNC tool being used, with threading on the outside of the tool holder. The external type places the tool inside the tool holder, and it may be shaped as a cylinder or a cone. Essentially, this device acts as a clamp to hold a tool in place.

There are also several different systems of this versatile tool holder, all of which work with different machines. ER collets are possibly the most popular form of tool holder; this clamping system was developed by Rego-Fix and uses metric measurements. Other systems include autolock, R8, 5C, and Morse taper. These devices are used in metalworking applications, woodwork, and even in internal combustion engines.

If you have questions about what this type of tool holder can do for your machinery or about finding compatible parts, be sure to get in touch with a CNC tool manufacturer. You can also leave a comment below with general questions.

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