The 5 Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

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There are a lot of good reasons to bring in professionals to clean your office. There are other decisions you have to make when you are looking for the right commercial cleaning services for your business. It is also wise to look into the benefits of green cleaning services. Here are a few of those benefits of green cleaning services.

  1. Your workers will be healthier. People may not realize it but offices are dirty places. There are more germs on the average computer keyboard than there are on a toilet. So, bringing in professional to clean your business can do a lot to make your workers stay healthy, The United States Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that indoor air pollution, most often caused by the use of traditional cleaning products, makes the air inside a building be up to one hundred times as bad to breathe as the air outside. One way to avoid dealing with this problem is to hire a professional cleaning service that uses only eco friendly cleaning products.
  2. You give your more sensitive workers a break. Even if you take away the problems associated with more polluted air, another one of the benefits of green cleaning services is that this will help the people you have working for you that have allergies or sensitive skin. Many people have allergies to harsh products and problems breathing when there are strong scents being used. Going with a green cleaning service can do a lot to make working for you easier for your employees.
  3. You can cut down on the amount of waste you produce. It has been estimated that every year, companies around the United States use at least six billion pounds of toxic chemicals. In addition to that, they consume four billion pounds of bathroom paper and one billion pounds of cleaning materials. These products often include nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia. You can cut down on what your business uses by going with a green cleaning company to keep your business clean.
  4. Green cleaning decreases the amount of pollution. Green office cleaning services use products that are safe to put back into the environment. They can safely be used without adding nasty chemicals to the air and the general water supply. They use products that have less packaging, cleaning techniques that are not as abrasive and microfiber rags that can be used again and again. This is all just another way you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint by going with a green company to do your cleaning.
  5. You can promote yourself as being friendly to the environment. This is a newer of the benefits of green cleaning services that you will get if you go that route. In the past, the only people who cared about what the environmental impact businesses had were hippies and other fringe people. It has been estimated that the vast majority of Millennial shoppers will choose one company over another because of the impact they have on the environment. If you use a more eco-friendly company to do your cleaning, you may find you can grow your customer or client base.

In general, cleaner workplaces are healthier workplaces. It has been estimated that at least 10% of all people never bother to clean their keyboard and at least 20% never bother to clean their mouse. When you think about all of the eating people do at their desks and all of the germs that they and their coworkers, clients and customers bring into the offie, you can see how quickly a clean place can become a haven for bacteria and viruses. Having your space cleaned by professionals can really pay for itself when your workers are healthier and call in sick less often.

At the same time, you want to make sure the chemicals and cleaning products that are used by the office cleaning service do not work together to make people sick. Keeping your workers healthy and safe from dangerous and harsh products is one of the best benefits of green cleaning services, and may make it worth it, all by itself, to get an eco-friendly cleaning company. When you call around, you may find it does not cost more to go green with your cleaning needs.

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