Taking A Look At The Importance of Signage

From backlit signs to custom even signs, signage is a hugely important thing in our world as we know it, and becomes more and more important with each passing year. From conveying information to advertising a product, event, or service (or even just advertising a business as a whole), there is no shortage of signs, no matter where it is that you might go in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that the typical person will see up to three thousand signs – if not even more – over the course of just one single day.

There are many different kinds of signs, from backlit signs to high quality posters. Each and every sign plays a special role, though, and the presence of signage at all has actually been found to increase exposure of your brand by up to sixty views per month and in some cases, even more. Roadside signs represent just one type of important and popular signage and come in many varieties, from the backlit roadside signs to those that are electronic and switch out with other advertisements after a certain amount of set time before eventually cycling back.

If you think about how much time the average person spends in their car, you can begin to see much more clearly the tremendous impact of roadside signs, backlit, electronic, or otherwise. The average commute is nearly an entire half hour in length – and that’s just traveling one way. When you factor in both halves of the commute that’s a lot of time spent on the road, making the backlit roadside sign particularly visible to many who are simply making their daily trek. And with more than half of all people on the road – more than seventy percent, even – saying that they pay attention to such signs, backlit or otherwise, you’re likely to gain some valuable and loyal customers by placing well thought out roadside signage in places where traffic often slows and it is likely to be seen.

On site signage, backlit or not (and typically not, for such circumstances) is equally as important, if not even more so. In fact, the power of on site signage is such as to be equivalent to having taken out up to twenty four full page (and often full color) newspaper ads over the course of just one year. From banners to a life size poster, it has been proven time and time again that the presence of on site signage very frequently encourages customers to buy more. In fact, on site signage is an incredibly powerful thing when it comes to sales – even when we’re talking about sales on items that are full priced and not discounted in any way.

But not matter what type of signage you incorporate, be it backlit or more modest, be it a display board or a green eco friendly sign, it’s really important for your sign to be, above anything else, high quality. A high quality sign is key, as about seventy percent of all customers will even judge entirety of the business, brand, product, etc. off of the quality and care that has been put into just one sign. If people don’t like the quality of a sign, they are far less likely to become a loyal customer.

And the scope of signage is larger than one might realize as well, with signs being used for more than just the advertisement of products. Events and restaurants are also typically advertised using various types of signs and even just one single wall poster on the smallish side has the potential to make an impact. Of course, political candidates are also often advertised using various types of signs and many people even learn about political candidates for the very first time because of a sign, proving once and for all the intense impact that signs can have in our lives.

From the backlit roadside billboard to graphic wall decals, signs come in all shapes and sizes – and at all price points. Choosing the right type of sign is key, and will depend on a variety of factors.

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