Take Advantage of the Popularity of Search Engines to Help Your Business Grow

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A jaw-dropping 93% of all web experiences start with a trip to a search engine. Since many of the people who head to sites like Google when they open up their browsers are doing so to do product research or make a purchase, it should come as no surprise that finding affordable SEO marketing programs is a must for lots of businesses looking to grow. In 2011, companies spent more than $6.4 billion in worldwide advertising. Today, that number has grown, and a significant portion of that total is devoted to getting better rankings on search engines and taking advantage of the fact that the internet has become vital marketing and advertising outlet.

Getting strong SEO rankings is tough, especially since 80% of search engine users say that they will either always or mostly ignore sponsored links on search engine results pages. Because of that, some businesses might find that partnering with talented but affordable SEO experts is a good idea. They will have the skills and experience needed to produce high quality content that boosts rankings and visibility. As a result, they are a great resource for growing businesses.

Though SEO can be quite fruitful, it is hardly the only area that businesses will want to focus on to enhance their web presence. In addition, they should think about building a great website, mobile optimization, and social media. And, though some might believe it is a bit outdated, email is still a great marketing tool. More than 90% of people prefer to interact with companies over email, rather than social media, so email couples nicely with affordable SEO campaigns.

According to statistics from Pew Internet, 58% of people have used the internet to research a service or product. This means that building a stronger web presence is a must for businesses looking to increase visibility and build a larger customer base. Though the work required to properly develop and execute SEO techniques might be a bit difficult, and owners might want to get a bit of help to do so, SEO can prove to be highly beneficial and is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Read more about this topic at this link.

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