Street Sweepers A Born and Raised American Service

Road sweeping services

When the Greco-Romans built roads, do you think they ever would have imagined how central they have become to modern society? Streets get us to our destinations safely and effectively, but they require maintenance to ensure their continued effectiveness. Commercial power sweeping services, or street sweepers help to make roads more attractive and cared for.

Sweeping Yesterday
The first street sweeping machine was patented in 1849 by the American inventor C.S. Bishop in 1849. It was a large device with rotating bristles that attached to a horse and buggy to help with trash clean up. Today, modern street sweepers are mounted on trucks and use vacuum hoses to sweep up trash and other debris off the street. 90% of modern power sweeping services still use the mechanical broom technology first employed by C.S. Bishop.
Vacuuming Today
Now the road and highway maintenance industry generates up to $42 billion in United States revenue with 9,224 companies that employ an estimated 134,714 working Americans. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of street maintenance, street sweepers remove large and microscopic pollutants that build up on streets and parking lots. The air pollution from parking lots alone in the US comes in at an annual cost of between $6-$23 in health and environmental damages according to studies. Such pollutants include oil, grease, lawn care pesticides, viruses and bacteria, road salts, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals from vehicles. If used effectively, power sweeping services have the potential to remove several tons of debris annually from city streets. Small business owners agree that parking lot cleaners are crucial to attracting customers, as exterior maintenance speaks words regarding a business’ values.

So next time you’re walking down the street, take a look and see if a street sweeper has been by recently. They may truly be the unspoken guardians of urban beauty and safety.

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