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Working in the banking industry might be more exciting than you think. Many people think that accountants and other jobs in finance only involved number-crunching. But the truth is that there are a number of jobs in banking that require planning, analysis and interaction with clients. You can look into the commercial sector which includes loan officers, branch manager, and bank tellers. There are also private financial firms that deal directly with their clients and help them manage their money. Depending on your capabilities and qualifications, finding jobs in finance that match your resume is possible.

Other job possibilities include being an accountant manager, but you will most likely need at least five years of experience with private equity firms and hedge funds. If you have hedge fund experience, being a hedge fund controller is a specialized option available to you. Becoming part of the corporate world might put you in a more sophisticated position where you would need to be able to understand mergers and be able to calculate the value of an acquisition target. Before considering becoming a business valuation analyst, knowing how to determine the value of a business or its resale value would be an important set of skills to have.

Navigating finance jobs can be hard on your own. If this is the career path you want to take, banking recruitment agencies might be your best option. They have hundreds of companies in their databases and can match you with the best finance and banking jobs in the country. Once they have narrowed down your search with companies who are looking to hire, you can being the application process. Without the help of banking recruitment agencies, you might feel like finding banking careers that match your skill level is life finding a needle in a haystack.

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