Shipping By Sea, By Plane And By Truck Which Is The Superior Option?

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Quality shipping is something everyone can relate to at the end of the day. Why not? You have businesses that need to get their products out in a timely fashion. You have customers who want to make sure the furniture, fashion or equipment they order online arrives on their doorstep without a scratch. Yet more have their careers built on the art of shipping, packaging and delivery. When you want to know the ins and outs of shipping so you can get a good handle on what to offer thousands of people every year, it’s time to brush up on your terms and contact a certified purchasing agent.

Shipping is done by land, air and sea. Which kind is relevant to your needs depends on your business, your model and what your budget is looking like. Back in 2012 the global aviation industry transported over $6 trillion worth of cargo. According to the plane maker Boeing that same year, cargo-only aircraft handles around 60% of global air-freight shipments. There are upsides and downsides to all shipping methods, so let’s become more acquainted with them before you make the plunge.

The air cargo industry is a reliable and fast option, one that currently holds around 30% of the total worldwide shipment value. They generally have the tightest control over cargo shipping processes due to their very time-sensitive nature and additional flexibility in the sky. This shorter transportation time also decreases the risk of damage to products and, overall, is often the go-to option for businesses that can’t afford even minor errors.

Sea freight shipping has its own strengths. Shipping crates are incredibly durable and able to be used for a variety of products — perishable foods, delicate equipment and basic supplies alike can be well-protected against the elements. When shipping food that risks going bad, a combination of insulated packaging as well as dry ice can be used to preserve it for an additional day or two. Sea freight shipping is also known for being environmentally friendly due to the recyclable nature of shipping crates.

We have American air cargo and sea freight shipping. Now for the more basic and accessible option for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Point-to-point transportation is widely considered one of the smartest choices for many due to a few factors. The first is how it reduces the need for connection time, creating a faster and much more effective transportation experience. The second is how this speedier transaction reduces the probability of damaged goods.

Using direct cargo transportation services also encourages a more environmentally sound model due to the fewer amount of time and stops. This reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the air as well as the need for more gas and repairs. A business that wants to save money while helping out customers is one that should use options that favor simplicity over flashiness. At the end of the day, people just want to have good faith in where their money is going to.

The option that suits you best depends on what you’re selling and who you generally sell to. Those that sell food might benefit from shipping for additional quality control, while those that depend on timely deliveries might prefer air cargo. Yet more local businesses rely on point-to-point ground transportation alongside door to door flyer distribution to stay afloat. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a method just waiting to suit both your needs and the desires of your customers.

Contact a purchasing agent this year and see how you can better enjoy the benefits of good cargo companies.

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