Send a Positive Message About Your Business With an Eco-Friendly Sign

Green eco friendly signs

Signs make a significant difference in whether or not a business, event, or even a political candidate, gains attention. In fact, a recent survey showed that approximately 85% of the participants “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that signs can also “convey the personality or character of the business.” When signs are placed in a good location, they also have the ability to introduce and reinforce a specific brand to even more local customers. Since most, or 85% of a business’ potential customers, live or work within a five-mile radius, they may come into contact with these signs as often as 50 to 60 times per month.

Were you aware that adding on-site signs, such as eco friendly signs, are a better investment than purchasing newspaper ads? The value of these signs is actually the equivalent of running annual 24 full-page newspaper ads. Furthermore, when you put up eco friendly signs, this will also send a message to your existing and potential clients as to what your business values. According to a consumer survey, 70% of the participants indicated that when businesses have quality signs, this signifies that the businesses are also of quality.

You may also be interested in the results of a recent study regarding local political candidates. Over 40% of the individuals that responded stated that they initially learned about a particular candidate from a sign. If they hadn’t seen that sign, however, they wouldn’t have recognized the candidate’s name. In fact, without the influence of these types of signs, two out of five people would have voted differently due to a lack of name recognition.

It’s not surprising that 50% of a business’ customers enter a particular establishment due to its signage. Whether they view a custom real estate sign with houses for sale, a life size poster of a local political candidate, or a custom sandwich board just outside a restaurant featuring its daily specials, these signs do make an impact on business.

Whether you’re launching a new business or have been in business for a while, consider the message that your signage can send. In addition to attracting new customers, you may just discover that your revenue increases significantly. Furthermore, since you want to send a positive message about your values and the way that you conduct business, consider the added impact of having an eco friendly sign.

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