Selling Varieties of Wholesale Paper to Businesses

Ever since its invention in ancient China, paper has been a worldwide staple for conveying written information and art alike, and throughout the centuries, paper has been used for everything from medieval Bibles to sketches to modern uses like memos, printer paper, posters, financial reports, and much more, and any good wholesale paper company will have a dazzling variety of paper types for its customers. Most businesses will purchases paper for these uses and more, and some industries such as book printers and newspapers have particular need for paper today, and will often order it in bulk from a wholesale paper company and order specialized types, such as oversized roles of wholesale paper for a printing press. Other paper products such as bulk envelopes and shimmer cardstock may be purchased from a wholesale paper company as well, and any wholesale paper supplier will have the right materials for a customer and deliver them on time, often by hiring carrier companies to deliver huge quantities of paper to buyers or to warehouses.

On Paper

Paper has become ubiquitous with education, learning, and business today, and it even lends itself to figures of speech such as “on paper,” another way to say “in theory” or “according to design.” Just how big is the industry for paper today? In the United States alone, there is an estimated four trillion paper documents, and this total figure may grow at a rate as fast s 22% every year, and about 92 million metric tons of paper are being produced in the United States every year. In fact, it is predicted that in the year 2020, paper production will have increased its output by 77% compared to the output of 1995. Americans are also savvy about paper and the environment; over one third of all paper produced is made with recycled fiber, and it has been determined that Americans recycle paper more than they send it to landfills, helping ease the strain on the natural environment and limiting the growth of landfills. In fact, the American paper industry had set a goal to achieve a paper recovery rate of 60% by 2012, and this goal was not just met, but it was met three years early. Recycling huge amounts of paper helps contribute to the “go green” initiative to recycle as many materials as possible so that landfills do not grow so quickly, and whenever paper is recycled, that means that fewer trees have to be cut down to create wood pulp for new paper.

A wholesale paper company will have a strong sales team to reach out to business clients and offer them paper products of all kinds, and clients such as newspaper printers and book manufacturers may be among the biggest clients of all. A wholesale paper company marketing and sales team will develop strategies to make paper more attractive, such as promotional events or offering superior paper quality, and many sales strategies may be employed here. A paper company may also maintain good relations with a carrier company whose trucks will deliver all this paper to warehouses and to clients, and for smaller shipments, a wholesale paper company may use LTL freight. What is this? When a shipment does not take up a whole truckload, a shipper can pay for just part of the truck’s cargo space and share the rest with other shippers, lowering overall costs. Wholesale paper companies sending out smaller shipments across vast distances in the United States can employ this strategy, and local buyers can be given their paper by means of smaller trucks.

An office that has built up sufficient paper documents may be ready for digitization. This means scanning all paper documents and uploading them into the business’s Cloud account on the Internet or its data servers. This allows remote workers to access documents easily, and many business managers today also want more flexibility and speed with acquiring documents quickly and remotely. Any company that chooses to upload vast numbers of papers may want to have secure IT solutions in place so that a data server or a Cloud storage account is not hacked into by cyber-criminals, so strong passwords and other basic Internet safety measures can prevent such a crime from striking a company.

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