Safety Protocols for Commercial Buildings Is it Time for New Fire Alarm Installations?

Fires can occur unexpectedly. Given this, it’s essential to make sure that fire alarms are inspected on a regular basis and are fully-functional. If these systems need repairs, this should be taken care of as soon as possible. When repairs aren’t recommended due to the condition of an existing system, new fire alarm installations will be needed to protect staff, guests, and the building itself.

The Incidence of High-Rise Building Fires

Half of the fires that occur every year take place in multi-floored or high-rise buildings. In addition to apartment and office buildings, this includes hotels and medical facilities. Fires can obviously be devastating and result in Injuries, deaths, and property damage. On an annual basis, approximately 150 injuries and 15 deaths are caused by hotel and motel fires alone. It’s been estimated that hotels and motels sustain roughly $76 million in property damage and loss every year as well.

Safety Protocols of Building Renovations

When buildings are being renovated, there are specific fire safety protocols to follow. One of these is that the fire department must be notified when a fire alarm or sprinkler system will be turned off for several hours over the course of a 24-hour period. If these systems are turned off, then designated personnel need to remain on site to watch out for potential fire hazards and fires.

Early Fire Detection Systems and Training On-Site Personnel

An early fire detection system can make a significant difference in whether or not a fire begins to rage. When these systems provide a ten to 15-minute warning prior to a fire reaching its incipient stage, the fire department has a better chance to limit damages.

Furthermore, when a business has on-site personnel that are trained to detect fires, they will be aware of potential scenarios and when to contact the fire department. In the event that the early warning systems in conjunction with trained personnel are able to respond three minutes before the incipient stage ends, this can also make an impact on containing a fire.

The Importance of a Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire evacuation plans are essential for all types of businesses. According to a recent survey with 119 businesses, however, just 35% had a plan in place. Once an evacuation plan is created, it’s important to have regular fire drills. When a business also has personnel in charge of handling the evacuation process, this can potentially reduce the number of injuries and fatalities.

Learn More About Fire Protection Services

There are different types of services available from a fire protection company. Fire alarm inspection, fire alarm repair, and fire alarm installations are just a few of the services available. When you schedule an inspection appointment with your local fire protection company, they will be able to determine the condition of your existing systems and whether or not your building has adequate fire protection. When your existing equipment has been malfunctioning, then there’s an excellent chance that you will need new fire alarm installations.