Safety Considerations For Commercial Elevators

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In the U.S. alone, there are an estimated 900,000 elevators, each serving an average of 20,000 people per year. Elevators are seen in both commercial and residential settings, although commercial elevators are the most common. They transport people from one level of a building to another such as in medical buildings, hospitals, educational centers, skyscrapers, department stores, and office buildings. They are preferred over escalators, because they are handicap friendly. Most residential elevators are installed to provide easy transportation for someone who is handicapped. Elevators are a necessity to many businesses, but also require regular upkeep and repairs for optimal safety.

The importance of regular inspections
Elevators run on electrical, with a series of cords and wires. Although they do not malfunction to a point of being dangerous very often, it can happen. Also, the damage that occurs to an elevator can be extremely inconvenient. An elevator repair must be completed by a professional elevator company. If damage occurs to the elevator, the commercial business may have to wait until the elevator repair company can make it out. In the meantime, they are left with no transportation between floors.

Regular inspections can reduce the number of full elevator repairs that are required. When the commercial elevator installation occurs, there are safety features added for safety concerns. However, if these safety features are not regularly inspected, they can become faulty. Proper regular inspection of these safety features can drastically decrease the number of elevator injuries. Elevators are already twenty times safer than escalators. There are twenty times more elevators than escalators, but only one third more accidents.

Increased technology of elevators
As technology continues to evolve, so do elevators. The buttons and systems used inside of an elevator today are more advanced than ever, especially when compared to previous elevator systems. Elevators used to require a two man dispatcher and operator team to function. The advent of navigational buttons rendered those jobs obsolete. Today, it is extremely common if employees in the commercial business have no access to controlling the elevator.

Increase of residential elevator installation
We are seeing more and more elevators installed into residential buildings. Residential home owners are seeing the benefit of handicap accessible transportation throughout their home, especially if they have multiple levels. Previously, those who relied on things like wheelchairs struggled to safely make it into basements or second level residential areas. Now you can use a residential elevator installation company for simple movement between floors.

The importance of following store regulations
People are pushing for equality more than ever today. Although handicap rights have been around for some time, lawmakers are expanding the areas that include these rights. In most states and cities, business owners are expected to have a fully handicap friendly business. This means having an open floor plan that allows for easy navigation. It also means handicap ramps and handicap van accessible parking spaces. Elevators are another part of handicap and disability reliance. Elevators need to be large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and need to be secure enough for safe transportation of those who are disabled.

Necessary store safety precautions
Most elevator installation companies have an emergency plan for faulty elevators. However, considering that they are not always directly on site, it is also the responsibility of the store to have their own safety precautions. They should have the ability to open the elevator, in an emergency. They should also fully equip the elevator with fire safety equipment. Although they may not have the ability to provide elevator repair, they can ensure that it is safe until a repairman has arrived.

We see elevators everywhere we go. We probably use them numerous times, in one single day. When you are a business that offers transportation via elevators, it is crucial to have regular inspections of all current elevators. There should also be an emergency plan in affect, in the event of any emergencies. The elevator repair company may have a short delay time, so an exit plan is necessary for all guests.

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