s Buying Used Computers Really Worth It? The Answer May Surprise You

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Are you in the market for a new computer? Whether you need a laptop for personal use or server space for work, you may have more options than you believe you do. Even though it may be tempting to head to the nearest big box electronics store for your tech needs, these places often overcharge and under-deliver when it comes to high performance PCs. Fortunately, you have other options, like buying used or refurbished computers for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Why are used computers worth it?

Many people may hear the term “used” and think that they’re getting something low-quality. Yet even today, a used or “pre-owned” vehicle is often virtually indistinguishable from a car that was once purchased new, and it can run just as well if not better than something right off the production line. The same logic today applies to used computers. Today they are refurbished to their factory settings. Some even receive upgrades that make them better than they were when they were new.

And this doesn’t mean buying something unbranded. No matter which brand you prefer, you can find it when you shop around. That even includes used Dell computers for sale online, many of which are still fairly new and in near-perfect condition. Dell and other big companies also offer servers for business, and buying a refurbished model can save money while still delivering the same great technology that you’d find available brand new.

Why does buying used matter for the planet?

By purchasing used computers, you can also help prevent the spread of electronic waste. E-waste is a growing problem throughout the world because technology changes so rapidly that the world can’t keep up. Instead of updating and maintaining computers that are just a year or two old, many people will trash these items to get something new. This has created major sustainability issues throughout the world, yet many companies are buying up these computers to refurbish and resell them. Buying used instead of new gives you technology that isn’t even obsolete yet at a fraction of the cost, thus diverting these items away from landfills and into your home or office instead.

What else should IT departments buy refurbished?

In addition to buying a refurbished computer or server, you may need storage for this technology. Consider purchasing refurbished server racks or used computer racks to keep your tech cool, dry, and dust-free. This is a huge cost-saver if you operate a clean room or data center, which needs to be kept at temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and often has high energy expenses.

Buying used doesn’t mean going “cheap” and getting substandard quality. It’s good for the environment and your IT budget, too. If you have questions about buying refurbished computers and servers, make sure to ask a trusted vendor about your options. Have more questions? Leave a comment in the space provided below.

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