Reuse Your Old School Supplies

3 ring binders bulk

When you think of back-to-school shopping, what do you think of? The receipt? School supplies can get pretty expensive, and it seems to disappear pretty quickly. Even though your kids buy the same stuff every year, it always feels like you’ve got to buy it all over again next year! Well keep an eye out, because here are some things that you can reuse and recycle for next year’s back-to-school season.

Binders – Don’t let that 3 ring binder go to waste. Just take out the spiral bound graph paper notebook and fix the outer binding, and it should be good as new. Now, some binders even come with a warranty that ensures that they’ll last for a certain amount of time, so you’ll be able to use them even longer. You can also reuse binders for at-home projects like calendars, scrapbooks, coupon holders, or whatever else you can think of.

Dividers – Those numbered dividers that come in binders can be helpful to have down the road. Keep them and store them using small binder rings, so if the need arises later, you can use them to separate classes, homework assignments, specific dates, etc. Using these dividers is a great way to get organized, or to promote good organizational habits in your kids.

Mailers – Cheap bubble mailers make great impromptu folders, and can be a great way to sort all your kid’s homework assignments and class forms. You can also turn these cheap bubble mailers into tech cases, if your child has a tablet or an e-reader that needs to be protected. You can decorate them with fabric, design tape, magazine pictures, the possibilities are endless!

By holding on to your old school supplies, you won’t have to waste time and money later. And you’ll be helping the planet by reusing and recycling what you already have. It’s a win-win for everybody!

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