Residential Security Systems Do Deter Burglars

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Every 13 seconds, someone in the United States has their home burglarized. Given the prevalence of these crimes, it’s important to consider the benefits of having” Title=”Find more information about Business locksmith services”>residential security systems installed. Recent estimates indicate that 67% of these burglaries could be avoided when homeowners install security systems with video surveillance.

Most home burglaries occur during the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. when people are at work or attending to other obligations. Over half, or 56.3%, of these burglaries are forcible entries, according to FBI data. In some cases, however, residents may make it easy for burglars to enter their homes by leaving windows or doors open or unlocked. If they hide extra sets of keys in conspicuous places, this, too, can increase their likelihood of being burglarized.

While a family’s safety is of the greatest importance, property loss is also a significant concern. During 2015, for example, approximately 19.8% of the total property crimes were burglaries. The monetary worth of this stolen property was roughly $12.4 billion. Unfortunately, just 26.1% of this stolen property was recovered.

A survey was conducted with police officials, where 85% stated they believed home monitoring systems were effective with deterring burglaries. Furthermore, a University of North Carolina study found that nearly 60% of convicted burglars claimed they would usually target a different home when their intended target had a security system.

When homes don’t have alarm or security systems, they provide a better target for burglaries. In fact, recent data shows that these homes are approximately 300% more likely to be burglarized. An IPVM survey was conducted during 2016, and the results showed that 20% of American homes had operational security cameras in place. Since these can deter burglars, it makes sense of for residents to have home security systems installed.

Homeowners can learn more about these systems by contacting local security companies. If they are concerned about the incidence of burglaries in their neighborhoods, they can contact the local authorities for more information. Creating Neighborhood Watch programs and checking in on elderly residents can also make a significant difference in reducing these types of crimes.

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