Reasons to Hire a Hospitality Designer

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There are 7 design principles that go into any interior design project: unity, balance, focal point, rhythm, scale and proportion, color and details. An interior designer will accomplish this by choosing furniture, paintings, and placing furniture in a way that creates a fluid and functional design, as well as picking an attractive color scheme for a room’s paint, wall paper, and other features. However, when working with hospitality design concepts, which are used for hotel room designs and restaurant interior designs, a unique challenge is created: the designer and their client must work together to create a space that will appeal to a large number of potential guests while remaining unique and functional. For this reason, when it comes to hiring an interior decorator, hospitality designers are often the best choice for designing hotels, restaurants, bars and more.

Functionality is one of the primary concerns of an interior designer, especially when it comes to the hospitality designs of restaurants and hotels. For example, good bathroom and kitchen placements are imperative for a good restaurant layout design, and the decoration of each space must flow into each other without becoming bland or boring. For this reasons, interior designers will often specialize in creating hospitality design concepts that combine visual appeal and functionality. In one instance, the designers of The Bourbon restaurant in Sydney, Australia used American-based designs, blending the styles of New York City and Chicago with the music of New Orleans to compliment the restaurant’s Southern-fusion cuisine.

Over the next year, the interior design industry is expected to grow 19%. In the United States, this means the expansion of an industry currently worth around $10 billion in revenue. Other countries, including Australia, are steadily watching their interior design industries grow: currently, the average salary for an adult designer in Australia with five years experience is only slightly below the average adult wage. If you are looking for a way to create an intriguing, appealing and functional design for your hotel, restaurant, or bar, it is time to take advantage of this expansion: contact a hospitality design firm today.

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