Qualities to Consider when Selecting an HOA Management Company

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If you’re looking for the right homeowner association management company to bring your homeowners association to the next level of efficiency and organization, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best. But how can you tell the best HOA management companies from the mediocre ones?

HOA management companies who are committed to creating a strong working relationship with your board and community are always better than the HOA management companies who see you as just another community to manage.

Committed companies have a history of highly personal service and demonstrate pro-activity in carrying out projects that will benefit your community. They’ll also own up to any problems or issues that may arise in the course of their management and treat the board with transparency and respect.

The best HOA management companies will also have a long history of satisfied long-term clients willing to give excellent references. Find out if the bulk of their clients have been with the company for several years. Most of the time, this is an indicator that clients are happy enough to keep giving the company their business.

You should also find out if their client base has grown over the years or remained stagnant, and whether or not they focus on a specific type of community. It’s usually best to choose a company that has experience with your community type.

The people involved in the company are also an important factor. Individuals working for a company should be motivated and highly educated, with credentials to back up their skill sets. Do employees have college degrees and certifications to do the work their offering? And do they seem to enjoy working for their company?

You should also consider the level of training and efficiency of processes for any given company. This will help you determine if they’ll be able integrate into your community smoothly and efficiently.
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