Printed In Store Marketing Materials Can Help Drive Customer Spending

Plastic sign holders wall mount

Catching your customers when they are the least distracted is an admirable goal. With the use of mounted brochure holders in elevators, bathroom stalls, and other strategic positions, for instance, businesses can capture the attention of customers of all ages. With the addition of glass door business signs, acrylic display stands, and other sign holders, in fact, companies can make sure that they are able to get their message across about products, services, and upcoming events.

Whether you are trying to advertise an upcoming fundraiser or want to let people know about a special price offering on tire rotations, it is important to find a way to reach both current and potential supporters and customers. In many cases, mounted brochure holders are a perfect option. In addition to having a professionally designed flyer, it is important to make sure that you are able to present that information in locations that will get noticed.
Today’s consumers tend to look online for many of the products and services that they want. This does not mean, however, that companies should ignore the need for printed materials and in store marketing displays. From sale signs that help direct boutique customers to the best deals in a store to door sign holders that remind clients of special hours on Easter Sunday, a well positioned floor sign holder can help you achieve your goal.
Some of the latest marketing research indicates that shoppers make as many as 82% of their purchase decisions in the store, so it is important to provide informative signage throughout any retail space. The fact of the matter is that on average today’s consumers are exposed to 3,000 advertisements and and promotional messages every day. If you want to make sure that your message is noticed in your retail space, you need to create a unique brand that will help your customers notice what it is you have to offer and what specials you would like to promote. Between six and 10 purchases in a store can be classified as impulse purchases, so make sure that you have the right kind of signage to direct those impulses.

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