Premium Packaging Separates Your Product From Others

So you’ve ordered a product online and when it finally arrives, unfortunately, the dog food packaging, coffee food packaging, or chocolate packaging is compromised. Chances are good that you’ll never order from that company again. You do some digging and find their products lack premium packaging, they cut corners, essentially.

Food packaging, or any packaging, is as important as the product themselves. It’s an opportunity for the company to entice an individual into buying their product. Take two products you know nothing about and put them side by side, one has packaging that is void of any artwork while the other has splashes of color or an interesting name. You will most likely reach for the colorful one. In fact, 60 percent of consumers nabbed products that were new to them simply because the packaging was eye-catching, according to a study conducted by the West Rock Consumer Insights Study in 2016.

For businesses they cut corners by opting for cheap packaging, it should be noted that 85 percent of shoppers inform themselves by researching a products packaging before they buy. Any business looking to attract frequent buyers should know that 52 percent of online consumers will return to their store if they offer their products in premium packaging.

But what is premium packaging? Generally speaking, premium packaging tends to be superior in durability, reliability and even uses eco-friendly materials. With the uprising of more individuals being environmentally conscious, advertising takes advantage of this by repackaging products that include hooks like: biodegradable, degradation, decomposition and organic. It is common nowadays for an individual to make a decision based solely on degradable materials. And businesses know this, and when they take advantage of this, businesses have reported their customers interest in their products increase by a good 30 percent. In fact, if a company wishes to spread their name faster, 40 percent of consumers share their products on social media platforms if a company goes that extra mile to produce packaging that is catchy or eco-friendly, or both.

Not to mention opting for better packaging is just safer for an individual. It is common to see a product packaged in clear pouch bags because you can see if the product has been compromised in any way. Compromised packaging can lead to health risks, especially if you buy dog food packaging; your dog can’t tell you that something is wrong with his or her food.

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