Pharmacy Errors Kill Two Year Old Emily Jerry

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Are you skimping on the best pharmacy POS software? It is absolutely critical for pharmacy point of sale systems to be current and accurate. Inaccuracies can lead to crucial errors and sometimes even result in patients’ untimely deaths — and, for one little girl, it did. Emily Jerry was just two years old when a series of pharmacy errors claimed her life.

The Tragic Death of Emily Jerry

When Emily Jerry was one and a half years old, doctors diagnosed her with cancer. “The tumor was the size of a grapefruit inside her tiny little abdomen,” her father, Chris Jerry, writes. Even so, Emily’s cancer disappeared after several rounds of chemotherapy. Hospital staff ordered one last round of chemotherapy — just to make certain all of the cancer was out of Emily’s young system. The final round of chemotherapy killed Emily.

Although the exact circumstances are somewhat hazy, the hospital attributes Emily’s tragic death to two main causes. One, an essential electronic system failed — possibly affecting the hospital pharmacy’s inventory. Two, a pharmacy technician prepared a custom chemotherapy bag — with a solution of 23.4% sodium chloride. A standard, prepared bag would have contained less than 1%!

Emily Jerry’s Father Continues Campaigning For Change

Years after his young daughter’s death, Chris Jerry continues traveling the U.S. and campaigning for change. Jerry is asking pharmacies to reconsider training and registration requirements. “At the time of Emily’s death, Ohio [his home state] didn’t even register pharmacy technicians,” Jerry explains. Moreover, Jerry adds that the best pharmacy POS software can save lives. The latest software helps confirm hand counts and accurately track inventory. The software also “provides real-time visibility into pharmacy inventory, so essential drugs and solutions can be monitored continuously,” according to Healthcare IT News.

Outdated pharmacy systems and inefficient training risks lives. Hospital, outpatient, and retail pharmacies can ensure their patients’ safety by requiring proper training and registration for all employees and utilizing quality, up-to-date electronic systems. Get more here:

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