Masakage Mizu Gyuto 210mm. But how hard are they to maintain. $151.00. Kato AS 240mm Gyuto Nashiji. Masakage Mizu Santoku 165mm. $135.00. $1,080.00. This double-sided sharpened knife has a blue / black Kurochi pattern which gives the knife a watery sheen, hence the name Mizu which means "water" in Japanese. I like the Mizu's finish and both have a cool look on to their own. Go. Masakage Mizu, and Yuki Wa-Gyuto, how hard are they to maintain???? The middle man of the Gyutos (the Japanese equivalent of a Chef's knife) for this range. Masakage Mizu Gyuto, This Japanese chef's knife has a core of non-stainless Japanese Aogami # 2 Blue carbon steel. 16 10 Joined Jul 17, 2013. Customer care. $135.00. 210mm gyuto - multipurpose chefs knife In stock. Blade Length: 210mm. $950.00. Masakage Koishi Gyuto 210mm Purchase options. Performance. Regular price $250.00 Takeshi Saji R2 Damascus 210mm Gyuto Wa Handle. His family started as knives makers in the early 1870’s. Using laminated white #2 steel this knife gives you amazing sharpness while still being stain-resistant. $970.00. He started apprenticing as a knife maker under his father, Katsutoshi Anryu, after graduating high school in 1959. Masakage Japanese Chef Knives, designed by chefs, handmade by Master Blacksmiths and hand sharpened to give you the sharpest knife for your kitchen. I have decided to buy my first japan knife and I am leaning towards a 24cm masakage yuki gyuto. Fuji Hamon. ... Masakage Mizu: Masakage Mizu Collection is handmade by Anryu-san, who has been a blacksmith for well over 50 years. $1,020.00. Subscribe to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals. AUD 389.90. Hi all, my first post after a month of good reading here. $170.00 Masakage Mizu Gyuto 240mm. R 3,220.00. Knifemaking is in Anryu san’s blood. The handmade blade is a work of art and it looks like snow. Kurosaki Wenge 210mm Gyuto. Regular price $428.00 Takeshi Saji 210mm Gyuto Rainbow Damascus Ironwood. Thread in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' Thread starter Started by diablodan, Start date Aug 16, 2013; Aug 16, 2013 #1 diablodan. TESSHU Mizu Honyaki Wa Gyuto 240mm White II steel Mirror Finished. Masakage Mizu: Masakage Mizu Collection is handmade by Anryu san. $193.00. Add to Cart. Masakage Mizu Honesuki 150mm. TESSHU Mizu Honyaki Wa Gyuto 210mm White II steel Chef Knife. AUD 399.95. Knife Shape: Gyuto. Newsletter. Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210mm Purchase options. $980.00. Masakage Black Forged 210 Gyuto - Yakka. Masakage, dedicated to bringing the finest handmade Japanese knives to the world TESSHU Mizu Honyaki Wa Gyuto 240mm White II steel Mt. Light as a feather and with a distinctive carbon blade this knife is a delight to use as well as to look at. The Hard Aogami #2 steel is laminated between softer layers of … Regular price $150.00 — Sold Out. Masakage Mizu 210mm Gyuto. $928.00. Masakage Mizu Nakiri 165mm. Konosuke HD2 210mm Gyuto ... Light nimble HD2 semi-stainless steel blade In stock. Add to Cart. 210mm hammer forged stainless clad R2 powder steel chef knife by Kurosaki, wenge handles. Masakage Mizu – 210mm Gyuto. The Blade of the Masakage Mizu is super thin and cuts like a razor.