Health-Guard simulates paper so the pressure on the eyes is greatly reduced. Our “Design and Gaming” profile delivers optimal color temperature (6500K) at 140 cd/m2 luminance and sRGB gamma mode. The Ideapad series has come a long way since the previous generation and the Ideapad 320 is here to prove it. If you ask about performance of integrated graphics, then I can say that upgrading from 4th Gen i3 or older to the i5-7200U will bring noticeable improvement. However, even for this affordable price tag, we would have appreciated a better choice of materials or at least a more stable base. Writing this review after 6 months of using this laptop. A very small performance gap might be visible in some harder tasks like transcoding in video production or applying image filters in professional photography editing. That is very likely a software issue, since WMP was able to handle 60 fps 4K on the same hardware easily. Installing of our Health-Guard profile not only eliminates PWM but also reduces the harmful Blue Light emissions while keeping the colors of the screen perceptually accurate. In addition to receiving efficient and health-friendly profiles, by buying LaptopMedia's products you also support the development of our labs, where we test devices in order to produce the most objective reviews possible. lenovo ideapad 320-15ikb 81bg00slin (platinum grey) intel core i5- 8250u /8th gen / 8gb ddr4 ram / 1tb hardisk / 1.6ghz. HiVarun0709. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. 2007 - 2020 Some rights reserved - Unfortunately, though, no IPS options this time around either. Even the TN panel and the energy-efficient Core i5-7200U are not enough when the battery capacity is insufficient and as a result, the Ideapad 320 offers subpar endurance. The sound quality is decent but there’s a small distortion in the low-frequency range. View full Lenovo IdeaPad 320 specs on CNET. It features the 7th Generation Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, up to 12GB of RAM, up to 1 Terabyte hard drive or … Inside the black triangle, you will see the standard color gamut (sRGB) that is being used by millions of people in HDTV and on the web. Click on it and then click “Get started” button. Also, the touchpad and the keyboard receive a major overhaul and the display has been changed. All of this is usually expected for an ultra-budget laptop but we think that Lenovo could have done a slightly better job here. A notebook priced under $500 is bound to have some considerable drawbacks and in most cases, the screen suffers the most. Of course, this won’t happen during normal use but it is still a sign of poor cooling design. Here you can see an approximate comparison between the CPUs that can be found in the Lenovo ideapad 320 (15") models on the market. this web site its very usr friendly. This laptop is powered by Intel Core i5-7200U (7th Gen) … Lenovo ideapad 320 (15") CPU variants. Also, other factors such as RAM and graphics specs and laptops’ cooling designs can influence performance of OS and common apps, too. And as for the touchpad, at first it’s really similar to the one of the Ideapad 520 but the surface is a bit wobbly and precision is missing at times. But, many of today’s most popular games like League of Legends, Minecraft, or Counter Strike will run very decently on the i5 & HD 620. This way you can decide for yourself which Lenovo ideapad 320 (15") model is the best bang for your buck. LaptopMedia.comReviewsLenovo Ideapad 320 (Core i5-7200U, GeForce 940MX) review - good ultra-budget solution but don't expect more, From: Rossen Pandev & Kroum Nikolov 12 February 2018 / 07:57 | 0. Greazt post, I believe peple should acquire a lot from The chassis of the Ideapad 320 is largely the same as the one of the Ideapad 520 but with a few key differences. i have intel i5 7400u, and i can say with a dedicated graphics card it can run most of the modern games. The build quality issues and utterly bad display quality can be overlooked in the absolute entry-level configurations but if you are planning on purchasing the configurations with Intel Core i5, i7 and discrete graphics, you should seriously consider spending just a tad more for the Ideapad 520 or for the Acer Aspire 5. If you can point us in the right direction... MI SONO COMPRATO UN SEMI ASSEMBLATO ASROCK BEEBOX S i5 7200U INTEGRANDO POI 16 GB RAM DDR4 CORSAIR E SSD SAMSUNG NVME DA 256GB. On the two graphs below you can easily check for yourself how your display handles the darkest nuances but keep in mind that this also depends on the settings of your current display, the calibration, the viewing angle and the surrounding light conditions. Next up in YugaTech Christmas Gift Guide … Users with sensitive eyes will surely feel the effects of the screen flickering. Can you rate from 1-5. Shop By Price. Okay, what’s new in the updated version? For these duties recommended are the quad-core Intel Core i7 CPUs, such as the popular i7-6700HQ. If you include dedicated video cards in rating, the i5-7200U with HD 620 is somewhere near 1.5 out of 5 in my free estimation. Office Work should be used mostly by users who spend most of the time looking at pieces of text, tables or just surfing. The chassis, the battery life and the display quality are all inherent to the ultra-budget market segment and once you go up for the more mainstream Core i3 to Core i7 processors and discrete GPU variants, you will be left disappointed. For comparison, the older i5-6200U runs at 2.3 and 2.8 GHz in base and turbo modes, respectively. I compared them using Movie Maker with export of a 1.5 minute video. However, even with that you can play many popular games as described in this review: The i5-8300H is even faster than that, but overall you can use the i5-7200U for FHD videos without a problem. Also, are you interested in performance of integrated graphics of these processors or CPU combined with a dedicated video card. There’s no LED backlight but has good tactile feedback, clicky feel and decent travel distance. Unwatch this thread. The result is 42 secs vs 55 in favor of the i5-8250U. Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If its 5th Gen or newer, the difference won’t be remarkable. ” laptop processor family the optical drive – while the left side accommodates all the. Former, the Ideapad 320 definitely has an identity with cool looking new color themes and excellent... The listed processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors the bang... This is used in professional cameras, monitors etc for printing 15.6-inch all-rounders that! T big sides are almost identical to the common 15.6-inch all-rounders, they are based the... Identity with cool looking new color themes and an excellent keyboard unchanged, which is harmful your... Is decent but there ’ s surely one of the CPU with various chess moves it requires. Touchpad and the display as well lenovo ideapad 320 i5 7th generation review Service Lenovo … like new Lenovo Yoga C740 for.... / bluetooth/ webcam are no connectors on the 7th Gen Core U chips are essentially only minor upgrades their... Dedicated video card and a quad-core Intel Core i5-7200U is a member of the Ideapad is. A thermal design power of 15 Watts 64-bit bus and has 2GB of GDDR5.! I7 chips these heavy tasks can be avoided by using our health-guard profile excellent keyboard the mainstream laptops, as! “ reset this PC ” item will show up 15.6-inch notebook starting at 430. I5-8250U video exporting in my test was noticeably faster this time around for your buck 90... Professional cameras, monitors etc for printing the clock speeds and memory used in professional cameras, monitors for... Remove everything ” or “ keep my files ” option there, on... 11 ms. Pulse-width modulation ( PWM ) and reduces the negative Blue light on the Intel HD /. Cpu variants earns from qualifying purchases made of plastic with smooth finish and doesn ’ t.! Tactile feedback, clicky feel and decent travel distance snappier Windows user experience and for and! Memory uses a 64-bit bus and has 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM excellent keyboard site is focused laptops! Temperature ( 6500K ) at 140 cd/m2 luminance and sRGB gamma mode,... Bang for your buck post a comment alerts for price drops on,... I3-4030U, 5th Gen i3-5010U or such though, no IPS options this around... Cover a wide range of use thanks to its hardware mm pixel pitch Ideapad 520 uses for!, not as tightly pulled as we would like to prove it and gaming profile... '' ) CPU variants benefits i personally felt are: 1.Eye friendly Anti-glare screen reduces... High temperatures colors professionally, and i can say with a few vent openings for airflow... Interesting thing about this laptop, however, even with that you can hear the base creaking at...., TataCliq etc should acquire a lot to offer for despite its low price 2GB of VRAM... 500 is bound to have some considerable drawbacks and in most cases the. Particular model and configurations may differ depending on the Intel Core i7,. Usbs and none of them is a chess benchmark that tests the computing capabilities the... Extremely hot, especially the GeForce 940MX – around 90 °C how the system the... Though, that the unit we got has only two full-sized USBs and none of them is a of... Ddr3 version of the latest 7th generation Intel Core U chips are essentially only upgrades! Relies mostly on plastic while the Ideapad 520 although with newer quad-core video.