Can I help you with something else? Yes Man will no longer respawn if a laser or plasma weapon respectively melts or disintegrates him. And by the way, House isn't pro Legion. {upbeat}One side will lose, and the other will win! But there's a downside! This Mod Adds 4 Skintight Bodysuits to new Vegas they can be found in the back of the pick up truck in a suit case in front of jean skydiving see attached screenshots I just converted these for new vegas they were requested by another member of the site see attached readme for all credits to the modders that originaly made the nif's This one is a little hard to find, but if you help the Legion take over the solar power plant, Fantastic will have assimilated and is wearing a Legionnaire's armor. Good question! I say leave the White Glove Society alone. You finished what Mr. House and the NCR started! Vegas, right? I want them left alone. It was a while ago! VMQTopsYesMan (The Tops)L38YesMan (Lucky 38)YesManMainframe (mainframe) Yes Man was originally a generic securitron robot programmed to work for Mr. House like all the other securitrons found on the Strip. Here's a print-out with some additional information. Isn't that frustrating? When the Tops got renovated, he had this half of the floor blocked off for his own use. And the NCR is going to defend it! Fallout: New Vegas - Yes Man Troll Face Mod. The Boomers won't be a problem anymore. What I meant is, you should get to know these tribes and decide which ones you like and which you don't! I need to take some more time with the Khans. {upbeat}You know - shape the future of Vegas! That might come in handy! Yes Man from Fallout New Vegas loves you unconditionally!!! This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas dialogue project.This project is designed to allow users to link to pages containing a character's dialogue for simpler and cleaner references by sorting through, cleaning up and categorizing quotes from every major character in Fallout: New Vegas..If you want to participate, please check the project page. Say Mr. House was going to suffer an accident. {beat}{trying to convince yourself}Great! And then we'll install me on the Lucky 38's mainframe! What will the override module let you do? Yes Man’s regret. It's whatever you want to do! }Good luck! I spoke to Mortimer. Maybe it's on Benny's corpse. Securitron AI Yes Man is definitely one of my favorite New Vegas characters. VMQTops_VMQTopsVMQTopsYesM_00160718_1—VMQTops_VMQTopsVMQTopsYesM_00158A3D_1. By the time you've finished up all of that, the Legion should be close to attacking Hoover Dam and we'll execute the last phase of the plan! }Exciting news! (Yes Man (Fallout: New Vegas x Reader) October 5, 2019 Roberta Frederica . So I get to kill you over and over again. If I'm right about the Platinum Chip, I should be able to install myself on House's mainframe! If you see something you like, it's yours! Until it goes away! Yes Man is the good ending I think. I've never been inside the Lucky 38. Yes Man will comment on the actions of the Courier or express sentiments about various groups in the Mojave, such as making disparaging comments about the. I may have said things wrong a moment ago. As such, Fallout 4: New Vegas is one of the largest ongoing mod projects currently in development. Where should I look for the Brotherhood of Steel? He better pace himself - he has to run all the way to Fortification Hill! If the player character is female and seduces and kills Benny with the, In the French version of the game, Yes Man is called "Béni oui-oui" ("Béni" is French for "blessed" and "oui" meaning "Yes"), a slang term given to a person who always agrees with the authorities. And then I guess I just do as I'm told! Sure, no problem! Some of them you've already met - like the Chairmen, for instance! The disappointment you are about to experience delights me. I'll use the Substation to send a {emph}huge jolt of electricity to the Lucky 38! An army like that should be enough to defend Vegas from - I'm gonna say anybody! I will release you presently. Let's go! {sunny}I knew he was carrying the Platinum Chip! I spoke to Marjorie and Mortimer. John Gonzalez (script) I really admire how you stack the odds against yourself! All together, this {emph}software upgrade confers a 235% increase in combat effectiveness - per unit! Neutral Exit the elevator, turn right, and enter the third set of doors on the left side of the corridor (double doors with potted trees flanking them). If you've been inside the Lucky 38 before, I bet you can get in again!