Outdoor Billboards Never Take a Day Off, Never Quit Working

St. louis business signs

The image and crackling sound of a snapping neon sign come to mind when I think about outdoor sign companies. That outdated image, however, could barely have predicted the current success of what is now the most effective way for advertisers to reach consumers. As many as one-third (37%) of consumers confirm that they look at an outdoor ad each, or most of the times, they pass one. An IBM study, intact, goes so far as to suggest that up to 72% of consumers respond to an interactive message if they’re in sight of the of the retail location associated with the sign. All this goes to show that outdoor sign companies have much to offer your marketing department.

Whether you are a small business looking to order just a few small posters, or a large corporation looking to combine the benefits of tradeshow displays with full body car wraps, a commercial sign company can find a way to meet your needs. There is just no getting around the impact of an outdoor sign. As many as 50% of new customers say that it was an on-premise sign that attracted them to a business. Aren’t you amazed that when someone mentions a company you have not even visited that you can have a mental image of where that business is located because of its sign? Although amazing, this visual memory should not be surprising. Research shows that the average person will see your sign approximately twice a day, which equals about 60 sitings a month. No wonder we can remember the nearest ice cream shop to our church even if we have never tasted their ice cream before.

Some of the most effective products created by outdoor sign companies are digital signs. OTX, a global consumer research and consulting firm, has conducted research that indicates shows 63% of adults find advertising on digital signage “catches their attention.” In addition to the stop-you-in-your-tracks impact of digital signage, people find digital advertising to be:
–more unique (58%),
–interesting (53%)
–entertaining (48%)
–and perhaps most importantly less annoying (26%) than other media.

Since 85% of your customers actually live within a five mile radius of your brick and mortar businesses and stores, and because 35% of people wouldn’t remember your business location without a displayed sign, don’t you think it is time for your large or small business to invest in marketing with the highest impact–outdoor signs?