Opening an Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Location? Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Everyone remembers how exciting the prospect of walking to the local soft serve shop and getting a cold ice cream was as a child. It wasn’t until later that we learned why you shouldn’t eat ice cream every day! With frozen yogurt massively popular in America, it’s clear that society has latched on to this healthier ice cream alternative. Luckily, both frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream are still popular and readily available, so there’s no need to make a choice between the two!

Opening an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop is an exciting venture. If you are looking to do just that, there are likely a number of questions you have. We’re here to help!

Where Do I Buy a Machine?

There are a number of popular manufacturers who sell many models of yogurt machine and soft serve ice cream machine. Check around online to compare prices and what you’re looking for in a machine before buying. You might also be able to find a used frozen yogurt machine for sale at some places, which can save some money as long as the machine is in working order.

Are the Machines Hard to Use or Maintain?

As long as you follow the manual, either the one that came with your ice cream or yogurt machine or consult a manual online that corresponds to your model. It will have instructions on how to use your machine, as well as how to properly clean it. Regular cleaning is very important for these machines to ensure that they continue working the way they are supposed to, as well as for health and safety purposes. As long as you follow the guidelines laid out in your instruction manual, cleaning and regular maintenance on your ice cream or yogurt machine should be quite simple!

How Many Machines Will I Need?

Well, that depends on the size of your shop and your location. If you are in a populated downtown area, you’ll likely need a higher number of machines. If you are opening a suburban corner shop, you won’t need as many. So it’s a personal call! What do you think will fit your business model?

Have you purchased a soft serve or yogurt machine? Did you open your own business? How has it worked out for you so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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