Online Job Search Sites Only Show How Good You Are On Paper

Online resume

Finding a job these days is a lot different than in the past. One of our primary tools these days are websites that display our resume online where potential employers can find qualified candidates by going over their education, work experience, and skill set by reviewing their online resume. That sounds like a good system, right? Well, the truth is, many employers are not actively scanning the millions and millions of resumes posted to these websites.

The reality is that, typically, an employer will post an opening with their company and keep it open for a month or 2 weeks or so on, and that allows whoever is interested at the time to submit their online resume for consideration. What many do not realize or understand is that these companies, most likely, are using online resume software to determine good resumes from bad, based on keywords determined by the software and the employer. In a nutshell, a robot is deciding whether or not you are qualified for that job, not your actual experience and qualifications.

There are alternatives to this sheep herding style job searching via online resume and they are coming out in a big way. Recently websites have become dedicated to creating a resume for the job seeker that stands out and really shows who they are by using an online resume maker, creating a video resume, and by adding samples of the work they have done. The idea behind this is to give the employer a personable connection with the applicant. These websites typically charge a monthly fee for maintenance of the services provided.

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