New Level of Safety With Lifting Chains

Chain hoist

The construction industry has been booming over the last couple of years. It also means that there are many different new procedures that have been implemented to help protect all of the workers that are on job sites each day. The construction industry has many different aspects to it, but promoting safety is one of the number one components that all contractors enforce it every day.

Construction workers falling are the number one cause for fatalities. Construction related deaths also include falling, getting electrocuted, being struck by a heavy object, and getting pinned in between two large objects. This means there are several different dangerous jobs in the construction industry. OSHA has instructed all construction companies to train their employees with slip, trip, and fall safety.

Staying Safe in the Construction Industry

Yes, this industry can be quite dangerous, but it also can be quite rewarding. There are so many different safety programs and different pieces of equipment, including lifting chains that can help construction workers stay safe. Here are a few important facts about the construction industry and staying safe.

  • All employees that work for a construction company must be trained in hazard recognition and lifting chains. This means they must know about the care and safe usage of ladders, scaffolds, full protection systems, and other equipment that they may be using on the job. This is a material handling industry, so it is imperative that all of the workers understand how to operate different types of equipment.
  • Also, OSHA is generally on-site and readily available to most construction companies. OSHA requires that fall protection be provided beginning at 4 feet in elevations. Now, this is for most general construction areas. Five feet is the elevation standard in shipyards, 6 feet is going to be in construction industrialized areas, and 8 feet for longshore operations.
  • OSHA also has inspections throughout the year for random companies. This is great for construction companies because it keeps all employees up to date with industrial rescue courses.
  • Proper training is also essential for the construction industry. There are construction safety training courses that are available, employees can get crane training, and of course there are seeking certification courses that are available.

The main focus within the construction industry is always making sure that all proper certifications and training programs are implemented. Lifting chains and other lifting gear can be essential in saving and protecting all workers from anything bad happening. It is always recommended that construction companies take their training and safety courses seriously, plus comply with OSHA on a regular basis to maintain their business reputation.


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