Nearly Everything You Have Came From a Cargo Plane Interesting Facts About Cargo Airlines

Purchasing agent duties

If you have a company with a lot of products and freight to ship, one thing on your mind must be effective transportation. How should I ship? Where? Who will be there on the other end to buy my products? Purchasing agents in USA are just dying for new products, new wears. Give the people what they want!

That is where air and ocean cargo comes in. Though air and ocean logistics are both essential components of global trade, air cargo is by far the way to go. In the USA alone, American air cargo accounts for a large chunk of shipping needs. This is far from the door to door transport of yesteryear. Purchasing agents in USA and their suppliers want what is best for their company and their customers. For that, air cargo is the right choice.

Cargo airlines not only ship nationally but internationally. And boy, do they ship! In 2012, it is estimated that airplanes transported approximately $6.4 trillion worth of goods. And of that, 60% was transported by cargo-only airplanes. The revenue of air cargo industries is just outstanding. According to IBIS World, the air cargo industry produced $75.4 billion in revenue in 2013. Purchasing agents in USA know about this, and put their trust in the air cargo industry.

And who could blame them? After all, air cargo is the fastest and most efficient way to ship goods. Air transportation is especially useful for perishable items that have a limited amount of time before they spoil. In addition, insurance premiums are generally lower for air cargo than they are for land and sea cargo. With this in mind, purchasing agents in USA love and frequently use air cargo. Will you?

Please, if you have any questions about air cargo, purchasing agents in USA, or other aspects of this article, let us know in the comments section. Thank you!

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