Marines Can Survive Combat Unharmed, But Even They Cannot Open Clam Shell Packages

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Can types of blister packaging and commercial packaging actually get dangerous? As laughable as the notion may seem, the answer is actually yes — and very. Clam shell packaging in particular is especially difficult to open, even with scissors. According to The Huffington Post, thousands of Americans end up in the emergency room with excessive bleeding and other serious injuries from failed attempts to open clam shell packaging. The packaging even bested a U.S. marine, Eric Kent, 23, who returned from combat unscathed, but ultimately needed stitches after opening a clam shell package.

Will The Clam Shell Packaging Insanity Ever End?

Clam shell packaging and other hard plastic packages send at least 40% of Americans to the doctor or E.R. annually, according to USA Today. Surely, if nearly half of us are getting injured while opening clam shell pouches or sachets, there must be a better way. When will companies agree to stop using them? Will that day ever come? At least in the foreseeable future, the answer is no. Why? “Retailers demand the hard-to-open packaging to avoid ‘shrinkage,’ or shoplifting, a problem that costs U.S. stores more than $10 billion a year or $25 million a day, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention,” USA Today explains.

Believe it or not, some medical packaging designs and certain types of medication blister packaging, are not only unlikely to leave you bleeding profusely. Chances are, they’ll actually help you. Most types of blister packaging are designed to help manufacturers and consumers accurately gauge dosages and/or the amount of medication already taken.

Until That Day Comes, Here Are Some Ways To Open It (No Gaping Wounds Necessary!)

If you must open a clam shell package, there is a better way to do it. Experts recommend using a can opener or even using a retractable blade. That way, if something should go wrong, the blade will retract instead of accidentally nicking and/or cutting you.

One day, all kinds of packaging may be as helpful as medical blister packaging. Today is not that day. Until then, use retractable blades to keep your fingers and limbs well out of harm’s way.

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