Managing Print Will Save You Money, Here’s How

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Ever year, the average employee’s printing expenses can cost your company between $600 and $1,300. Most business and companies have more than one employee and when these expenses are added together, they can cost your business a lot of money. This is why managed print is so important within the modern work place. Across the world we are moving closer and closer to becoming a world where technology will attempt to improve all facets of life. From self-driving cars, to drone delivered mail, and dating apps that link you romantically to others via your mobile phone. If you are a business owner today though, you do not have to look to the future for ways to save money in your daily life. Here is the most important and relevant reason as to why you should invest your time and money into print management services and print management software!

Managed Print Is Going To Save You A Lot Of MONEY

It is that simple. As mentioned before, there are new technologies created every day that allow people to store information in a “cloud” or on a shared doc online that others can visit and work on. If you invest your time and effort into making your company paperless work place you will feel the financial benefits almost immediately. The top two largest office expenses are rent and payroll, but the third may surprise you as the third highest office expense involved printer and copier costs. That’s right, printer and copier costs. That is how much money is spent in an office year round on mindlessly printing paper that will more than likely be thrown away at the end of the month. With a focus on managed print, a business owner can avoid devoting that much money into a tedious and unnecessary process. Each year, and individual office employee ends up wasting around 10,000 sheets of paper. Again, take that number and then apply it to a workplace full of employees and it will highlight why managed print is so important when trying to make your workplace cost efficient. Dealing with print documents can also cost your employees valuable work time. 19.8% of all business time is wasted by employees searching for information in order to simply do their jobs in an effective manner. Electronic document management and online document storage systems can help a business eliminate that wasted time and allow employees to work more efficiently on a daily basis.

Managed print can help save you money, and can help save your employees their time. According to, 17% of all documents printed on to paper is considered waste. Managed print will allow your workplace to be more cost effective and will allow the employees that work there to be more efficient and productive on a daily basis. 85% of all business documents are still in paper form according to the paperless project coalition. If you want to get the best out of your business, make sure you are not in that 85%.

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