Make a Clothing Donation to Purple Heart Today

Veterans clothing donations

When you aren’t sure where to donate clothes or where to donate household items, charitable organizations such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart would appreciate receiving these items. Do you have items for a Purple Heart Veterans pick up?

Donating is easy when you can have items picked up at your home. GreenDrop, which is one of the organizations that provides this service for The Military Order of the Purple Heart, collects approximately 100 tons of used clothes, electronics, and household goods every week. Not only does donating used items prevent overflowing landfills, it also benefits military families in need.

Were you aware that 45% of recycled clothing is worn again? Furthermore, many of the electronics and household goods that would have been thrown away are cleaned up and fixed so that they can be reused. When electronics, for example, can’t be fixed, their parts can often be used to repair other devices.

If you’re not sure about the quality of the household textiles and clothes you’re gathering for your Purple Heart clothing donation, it’s important to know that nearly 100% of these can be recycled. Rather than throwing away a blanket with a small stain or tear, fold it up and place it in a box for donation.

Whether you live in an area where there are four distinct seasons, or in an area where there are just one-to-two seasons, you may have clothes that you haven’t worn in six months or over a year or two. If you haven’t worn that sweater or those boots in over a year, you may want to donate them instead of storing them in your bedroom or hall closet.

Since the average person in the United States throws away so much clothing, linens, and other textiles, just imagine if these items were donated instead. Every year, it’s been shown that a single American will throw away almost 70 pounds of clothes.

If you donate regularly to a charitable organization, then you may be one of those individuals that shares this with friends on social media. Many people are inspired to donate when they read a post about donating from a friend. In fact, 70% of people that read about their friends making charitable donations will take some type of action in response.

When you schedule a Purple Heart Veterans pick up, remember that your donations will be helping military veterans, their families, and other people in need.

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