Made In America Stickers The Facts

American made stickers, stickers made in America, and made in America stickers are all beloved by Americans. Why you may ask? Because American consumers like to try and support their own country and the goods that are made there. Now, some people may not care at all. But those who do care to take it very seriously, here is why:

There are goods and packages shipped and handled every single day. As a matter of fact, the United States Postal Service delivers and handles nearly 16 million packages a day. Now, not all of these packages come from America. Keep in mind that in 2016 there were nearly 65 billion parcels shipped across the globe.

While it may seem silly, some people go out of their way to get made in America stickers on their packages to ensure they are made within the United States. This is no different than customers that want their products to come with a certain type of packaging which is something that actually happens. Here are more facts on these products and why their packaging is so important.

Americans Love Made In America Stickers

Some customers focus on colored price stickers, colored stickers, and other designs on their products. However, there are certain people who only care about finding made in America stickers on their products. Keep in mind that in 2017, there was a Holiday made for this concept. Made In America week takes place between the dates of July 17th to July 23rd.

In just the year of 2016 alone, there were a staggering amount of goods produced by just United States factories alone. As a matter o fact, this number managed to reach nearly $5.3 trillion worth of goods as well. Every single year, this number fluctuates but people who want made in America stickers want it to grow! Therefore, they work very hard to ensure every good they buy is produced right here in the States.

Consumers Care About Products Designs

A study was conducted in regards to what makes a customer want to buy a product. Nearly 85% of all respondents stated that they use color as a primary motive for buying a product. Yes, that means that there are people willing to spend money on a product if it comes in their favorite color. So it is relatively easy to understand how some people decide to spend money on getting made in America stickers on their products as well.

A brand can boost their recognition with a certain color. Think about all of the major brands on the planet and they are all color coded. They have a certain color that they implement in all of their designs and all of their products. Therefore, it is easy to understand why some producers want to have made in America stickers on their products. It guarantees that a certain section of consumers will always buy what they sell.

In Conclusion

Every single year, the number of goods produced in the United States is going to trend upwards. More and more people are conscious of what they buy and where it comes from. Look no further than the automotive industry for clues on this trend and why it is happening. Then, decide what matters to you when it comes to the goods you purchase and more!

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