Keeping Streets Clean A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Event clean up

Have you ever gotten out of your car and noticed how dirty the streets were? Of course you have. Everyone has. Its moments like those that feed our negativity and we all know negativity is much easier to remember than positivity. Have you ever stepped out into the street and noticed how clean the streets are? Probably not. You probably never even thought about it. Whether its parking garage cleaning, construction site cleaning or just regular street sweeping services, the areas need to be free of dirt and debris, and not just because it looks prettier that way.

Here’s why:

It’s cost efficient. A clean surface helps prevent slips and falls, which saves thousands of dollars in legal fees. Whether a driver faults a parking lot for debris impeding the area or a pedestrian falls and breaks their hip, there are a million ways a messy surface can be a detriment to your wallet.

It keeps streets safer. No, we don’t just mean physically, which is also true. A street sweeping service can effectively remove several tons of debris a year from city streets thereby minimizing pollutants in storm water runoff. Runoff pollution that power sweeping can negate comes from the rainwater or melting snow that washes off roads, bridges, parking lots, rooftops, and other impermeable surfaces. Some examples of pollutants generated in urban areas alone include oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from automobiles; nutrients and pesticides from turf management and gardening; viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems; road salts; and heavy metals.

It promotes consumerism. People take pride in their environment. Generally speaking, people don’t want to spend time somewhere dirty. They’d much rather park in the lot with parking garage cleaning than the other lot with piles of litter skirting the edges of every spot. They’d much rather shop on the street that maintains consistent road sweeping services because it promotes positivity and makes them feel better about themselves.

We have a mutually beneficial relationship with our streets. We take care of them, they take care of us. We may not always remember noticing a clean street, but trust us, clean roads make a good first impression.

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