Just Add Software The Digital Helping Hand Your Shipping Network Needs To Thrive

There’s a modern saying that wouldn’t make a lot of sense just a few decades ago — “There’s an app for everything.”

This is true for your phone and this is especially true for your business. Software is needed to take some stress off the shoulders of hard-working employees while still putting speed first. What better way to make sure everyone is getting the benefits of good transportation services than with load broker software? With LTL shipments becoming a more popular choice for small businesses — and shipping more expensive than ever — software is becoming the make it or break it element of today. Consider what it could do to make your day-to-day obligations less harrowing.

Where there’s software, there’s a way. Here’s what broker systems can do.

The American Transportation Network

The United States is a world leader. It produces some of the highest rates of electronics, oil, and soft drinks around the globe, with several more industries climbing their way to the top and showing no signs of slowing. According to data provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly six million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate throughout the country. The year 2013 alone saw trucking transporting nearly 15 billion tons of cargo, with 2040 expecting that number to inch closer to 18 billion.

Growing Preference For LTL Shipments

What makes less than truckload such a preferred option for both businesses and customers? All you have to do is look at cost. Over 12 million trucks, rail cars, and locomotives move goods in and out of the American transportation network every day. Trucks hold the distinction of carrying the largest share of freight by value, tons, and ton-miles for shipments moving 750 or fewer miles. Compare this to rail, where the dominant mod for tons and ton-miles can go beyond 2,000. LTL is convenient, fast, and incredibly useful for businesses of all sizes.

E-Commerce Revenue Stateside

Here’s one area where you’ll be extra glad to have load broker software take off the weight. E-commerce is one of the defining conveniences of today, allowing people to browse and purchase high-quality goods at the touch of a button. American e-commerce revenue if sitting pretty at $420 billion and steadily climbing. Any business that wants to exceed its goals needs to accommodate its customers with a happy balance between cost-efficient LTL shipments and online purchasing. Load broker software will ensure nothing is mixed up.

Common Customer Concerns

A great way to create direction when you’re floundering in metaphorical waters is looking at what customers want. Are they eager for affordable shipping or do they worry about their information being lost in the shuffle? A big goal for people today is as much convenience as possible. They simply want to find their products or services of choice, purchase it quickly, and receive it even quicker. Freight broker software is the middleman between you and your clients, acting as a bridge for small and major needs on a rolling basis.

Load Broker Software For Businesses

Software frees up your employees and allows them to work better. You mishandle less shipments, improve customer relations, and get much better results on average. Just like an app can give you a splash of convenience for a smart cost, so too can load broker software put you in a great spot to catch up with your competitors. Satish Jindel, president of the SJ Consulting Group, determined the length of haul to be on the decline. Public truckload carriers have reported an average length of haul going down by 4% over the past five years.

Keeping pace with your TL shipments and LTL demands is best done with a helping hand. Look into load broker software this year and watch the changes yourself.

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