Is Your Company Looking for a Professional Cleaning Service?

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It is often the work that goes on in the background that really determines the success of a company, restaurant, school, hospital, or other agency. While the goal of a business is the provide a product or a service, it is impossible to meet these goals if maintenance and cleaning are not taken care of. In a restaurant or hospital setting, the entire system can break down and endanger people’s health if the best cleaning methods are not employed. Reliable janitorial services are an important part of most businesses and agencies.
Janitorial Services Can Affect the Health of Customers and Employees
Although cleanliness may seem most important at health care settings and restaurants, in reality the importance of reliable janitorial services is important at any business. In fact, even the failure to vacuum and dust can lead to major problems. Did you know, for instance, that allergic conditions, which include asthma, are the fifth most prevalent chronic diseases in all ages, and the third most common in children. Asthma problems increase in settings that are dusty, moldy, and mildewy. The best janitorial services do a thorough job of cleaning the dust, mold, and mildew, as well as other conditions that would otherwise create allergy and asthma problems.
And while some companies leave the cleaning duties up to employees, a growing number of companies outsource their cleaning to professional janitorial services providers. Offering a number of types of cleaning services, professional cleaning companies provide more thorough cleaning. The danger of leaving the cleaning to current employees is that these tasks are often completed at the end of an already long and taxing work day. An outside cleaning company, however, comes with only the task of cleaning. Employers who understand the importance that cleanliness has on employee health do not hesitate to spend extra money making sure that the cleaning tasks are done correctly.
Individual spaces like desks and keyboards, unfortunately, harbor a dangerous amount of germs. Did you know, for instance, that there are 21,000 germs every square inch on a computer mouse, keyboard, and chair? In fact, a typical desk can have up to 10 million bacteria. Left to the individual employee, these desk spaces may never get cleaned. Establishing a pattern that employees understand will include a thorough cleaning of all desk and computer keyboard services at least every weekend can lead to a healthier workplace. A healthier workplace will have fewer sick employees, who other wise would be less productive or absent from work.
Daycare Settings and School Systems Often Rely on Professional Cleaning Services
No where is cleaning more important than the preschools, daycares, and school across the country. Interestingly enough, however, a high percentage of daycare settings rely on employees to clean at the end of an already exhausting day. In locations where the youngest children are often the most susceptible to infections and viruses, it simply makes more sense to use professional cleaning services. One sick child, for instance, can spread a stomach flu virus to an entire center if the cleaning is not done properly.
Likewise, large school districts have increasingly moved to hiring outside cleaning services to make sure that their facilities are properly cleaned and maintained. Outside services can often provide a higher quality of service and care. With access to the latest and greenest cleaning chemicals, these professional services can provide a clean environment to a large group of people who are in constant and close contact to hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day. School districts that serve a population that struggles to avoid conditions like head lice and other highly contagious problems, are often even more careful and diligent about the cleaning services they require.
Expecting tired employees to complete cleaning tasks at the end of a long work shift does not always lead to the most ideal situation. Employers who value the health of their employees, customers, and clients understand the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services. Clean work places lead to healthy employees and fewer absences. Without a clean work environment, your company could risk expensive consequences. What are you doing to avoid sick days that cost businesses more than $225 billion each year and result in 54% productivity loss?

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