Is Your Business Safe From Fire? With A Fire Protection Company You’ll Never Have To Learn The Hard Way

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How do you keep your business safe from fire?

This is not a question you ask once, but every single time you get up and get ready for the day. Just one spark can start a fire that destroys thousands of dollars in property, injuries civilians and even ends in a death. However, most of these are easily avoidable with careful preparation and steady use of your fire protection resources. A fire protection company can analyze your business from top to bottom and figure out any weak points in your daily fire protection plan. This can include fire alarm inspections or simply offering advice on what you can do to make sure fire rates are as low as possible.

Read the list below and make sure you’re never left wondering how you could have done more.

The Rate Of Fire In America

Fires happen on a constant basis in the United States. It’s up to you to take the initiative and make sure you don’t see your livelihood literally go up in flames. The Orlando Fire Department responded to over 49,000 calls back in 2013, with nearly 1,000 related to minor to severe fires. A fire alarm repair service can check your fire alarm every year (or every six months, depending) to make sure it’s always prepared to address the presence of smoke in the building.

High-Risk Properties For Deadly Fires

Although any business can succumb to a fire, some areas are at a higher risk than others because of a unique combination of factors. Hotel and motel fires, for example, are known to cause an estimated 15 deaths and over 150 injuries every year. Today the four property classes that account for a staggering half of all high-rise fires are apartments, hotels, offices and facilities that care for the sick, such as hospitals or nursing homes. Poor ventilation, lack of maintenance and improper disposal of trash are just a few causes of fires in these areas.

Additional Causes Of Moderate To Severe Fires

There are other causes of fire that need to be assessed regularly. Electrical malfunction has been found to account for nearly 20% of non-confined fires in hospitals. Small data centers, due to their unique location and highly sensitive nature, require a unique fire alarm installation. Any small data center that are below 2,500 square feet need to have an Early Warning Fire Detection system in place to stay safe at all times. No matter where you work, a fire alarm that is regularly maintained is essential.

Crafting A Fire Protection Plan

A fire protection plan is a necessary addition to any business or establishment. These are designed both to prevent the event of a fire as well as respond to a growing problem. These plans should be easy to access for both employee and customer, with simple directions and access to resources such as fire extinguishers. A fire protection company can go over a pre-existing plan with you or offer you a new one if you’ve neglected to reach out to fire alarm services in your area. With a little extra care and foresight we can make injuries and death by fire a rare occurrence.

Reaching Out To A Fire Protection Company

A fire protection company can make sure your business is never left wanting for resources if the worst comes to worst. More importantly, it can give you the tools necessary to stop fires from happening in the first place. Fire protection companies are more attentive than ever and, thanks to the hard efforts of both fire protection professionals and smart businesses, fire rates have been on the decline. Warehouse properties, in particular, have seen a substantial reduction over the past few decades. This can be reduced further with the cooperation of forward-thinking individuals and fire protection services.

What can your fire alarm systems do to make sure you and your customers never have to worry about a fire this year?

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