Is a Single Side Free Abrasive Machine Your Best Option?

Single side free abrasive machine

When considering a lapping machine, there are several options in design and features that you can choose from. These include single side free abrasive machine and double side machines each that come in a broad range of sizes to suit any job.

To start, the lapping machine process involves two surfaces that are rubbed together with an abrasive between them. This can be done by hand movement or by using a machine. Utilizing a lapping machine will make the process go faster and allow you to get more done in less time.

A specific option called diamond lapping is more appropriate when ceramic machining or finishing projects that require flatness edge to edge. To achieve the greatest strength if diamond on ceramic, it is recommended that you use a machine with his down-pressure, a robust drive system, and variable speed control. The strong drive system is to ensure a tolerance of the high down-pressure.

Diamond lapping will eliminate the need for hand-polishing because the design finish is achieved during the lapping process. It also reduces the total cycle time by 30 minutes, saves $14.87 an hour in slurry costs, reduces cleaning time, the need for cleaning solutions, and reduces overall waste.

Manually controlled, simple to operate double side lapping machines are available in a broad range of sizes that can process a piece from .002 inches up to 20 inches in diameter. When handling tiny pieces, it is often essential to use a lapping jig, which is designed to hold small items while they are going through the lapping process.

Lapping is about creating a smooth surface, so it is important to understand how surface roughness is measured. Surface roughness is measured by the often undetectable to the naked eye minute differences in height of the surface of the item. Roughness is typically expressed in microinches because the tiny peaks are so minute. It is the abrasives that smooth down those micro peaks on the surface.

Lapping can be a slow, tedious process done by hand or it can be fast and efficient using the latest in diamond lapping technology. Understand single side free abrasive machine and the difference between that and a double side diamond machine. The difference in the time and finish are significant.

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