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There are so many searches being done today that are contributing the local internet marketing world. You would have to talk to your local internet marketing consultant but according to many studies, it shows that almost two thousand searches a second are being done on an ongoing basis, and the number is only growing from there. We are beginning to see how engaged people really are with the web, and the fact that over forty percent of people pick organic ads over paid ones, as well as the top ranking link proves that you can get more leads in through the front door if you dedicate yourself to online marketing. Search engine users have even stated that they will ignore the sponsored links on SERPs and will instead post comments and reviews about things they have purchased through automotive digital marketing and the automotive marketing world as well. This is why it is best to talk to a local internet marketing consultant, because what you will find is that a local internet marketing consultant will advise and help you know which is the best way to drive leads in for your business.

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