Insulation Made Easier With Spray Foam

For contractors, the world of installing insulation has become a little easier than it was a couple of years ago. Instead of the daunting jobs that came along with foam insulation, advancements have been made that make lives easier. There is now a way to spray foam insulation into place with foam insulation machines. Your spray foam business, one that is constantly changing, hopefully makes your lives even more productive and easier by using ColorWise in your every day work. A ColorWise spray foam insulation nozzle was invented so that your business could thrive and you could be safer in everything that you do.

Most businesses do not even notice just how much they would save if insulation was installed within their buildings. If a building was improved by so much as 10% than it would mean for a 40 billion dollar savings. That sounds like a lot of money that could be saved all with a bit of insulation instillation.

Many businesses do not notice just how important it is to make sure their building is insulated. They do not know just how much of their money they waste on extra energy bills year after year due to drafts and leaks within their foundation and near their windows. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star Program believes by updating buildings with adding insulation and sealing air leeks, a monthly energy bill could be reduced by as much as 20%. The benefit of this on a company could mean more than just a couple of extra pens and reams of paper.

With the ColorWise foam nozzles you can do your own business a favor while providing big relief to those who employ you! These nozzles change color to let you know when the foam you spray is too cold to be spraying. These nozzles could keep you from having to re do your entire job over again when it doesn’t stay put the first time. Who doesn’t like the thought of their job made much more simple? ColorWise provides a clearer and more concise spray with your spray foam kits. This is the perfect piece of all spray foam insulation products for your business to own. Your life and job will both be made easier so long as this is a part of your daily working regimen.

The next time you find a business that needs a lot of work and decides to take you on to fix their whole building (because this will happen when they realize just how much money you can save them every year by fixing their insulation) be sure that your spray foam equipment is all up to date and in working order to make sure that your job is easier to handle and easier to finish. Spray foam insulation is turning into a booming business. It is expected that HVAC employment rates will even rise by 15% by the year 2026, that means quite a few buildings require being brought up to date with their insulation. Is it not great that your business will be booming in no time and that you’ll be the ones directing people on how to save the money that they deserve to be saving every year?

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