Installing the Best Outdoor Signs

The Internet has certainly risen to become a dominant medium for both business and entertaining communication, from websites to e-mail to social media and more. All the same, this technological trend has not made older forms of communication like outdoor signs obsolete, like some might have thought. In fact, outdoor signs such as business signs, high quality signs at a grocery store, electric custom signs, and more continue to prove highly effective for businesses today. A lot of information is shared with these outdoor signs in any town or city in the United States today, and even with the Internet around, plenty of people go outside every day. Out there, they will see these outdoor signs, and learn more about local brands, services, products, timely discounts and sales, and more. Studies and marketing research have confirmed that quality outdoor signs have plenty of power to inform, and they are often used alongside more modern means such as the Internet. What do these studies show, and what types of outdoor signs might someone see in their home city on a typical day?

The Power of Outdoor Signs Today

As mentioned above, plenty of time and money has been spent researching and studying the marketing power of signs, and the studies show that signs are as relevant as ever. For one thing, the value of on-site signage is roughly the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads every single year, and other studies show that around 85% of a business’ customers live within a five-mile radius of that business. This means that its on-site signage will be seen by most of its customer base, and any such consumer may see those signs as many as 50 to 60 times per week. That is a lot of brand exposure, no Internet needed. Around half of all people who enter a business did so because the sign caught their attention and gave them a good impression, and this is especially true for newer companies that are still promoting themselves. What is more, billboards are a major route for sign-based advertising, since these billboards are large and are placed along roadsides where they may not be much else for a driver to look at. Studies confirm this: around 71% of people look at the messages on roadside signs and billboards, and many local businesses or political candidates running for office make use of them.

Sign quality and content is something to take seriously, as a well-made and attractive sign may make a great impression on consumers. After all, around 70% of consumers believe that a sign’s quality will in turn reflect the quality and personality of the business that put it there. A shoddy, unclear, or ugly sign may discourage consumers from entering a store or buying from that brand. They may think “if the business can’t even bother with a good sign, they must have bad products and customer service.” Whether or not this ends up being true for a given business, customers will think so, and that will mean fewer people walking in.

Varieties of Signs

There is more than one way to make a sign, and the materials used to construct a sign may reflect the personality, budget, or needs of the company that created it. Many signs are simple wood or similar materials, and may be placed either on a pole, such as at a fast food restaurant or auto garage, or onto the building itself. Some of these signs will be positioned right over the front door, and others may be right on top of the roof. This informs customers not only of the business’s nature, but its location.

Signs may even make use of electricity. Some signs have a plastic front that has the colored brand name or store name, and lighting inside will make the sign more visible in lower lighting levels or during rain. This may be more attractive to customers, and will certainly be relevant to businesses that stay open late at night or those that are open all 24 hours of the day. Some signs are LED scrolling marquees used by schools or houses of worship, and can be programmed to display messages for anyone of interest. A church or synagogue may post messages of upcoming services, for example.

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