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Manufacturers of cooling towers

Cooling towers are not necessarily at the forefront of the average person’s mind. They are however, a big part of the world around us. Cooling towers are heat removal devices that are used to expel processed waste into the atmosphere. They were invented in the Netherlands in 1918. There are a variety of different cooling tower types and they can be found in various industries. Here is some information on cooling towers and their various types.

Dry cooling towers use air to cool the working fluid near the dry-bulb temperature. These cooling towers are referred to as close circuit. The differ from the wet cooling towers. These cooling tower types use water evaporation to cool the working fluid near the wet bulb temperature.

Fluid coolers are considered to be a hybrid. These pass the working fluid through a tube. Water is then sprayed and cooled by a fan. These cooling tower types have the advantage of a wet cooling tower with the ability to protect the working fluid from contamination, like a dry cooler.

Depending on the industry, different cooling tower types may be necessary. You may need a forced draft or induced draft cooling tower. These cooling towers can be found in industries such as oil refining, petrochemical and chemical plants, thermal power, and HVAC. More information about cooling towers can be found online.

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