Influenza Causes Over 75 Million Days Of Work Absence How To Keep Your Business Spaces Clean

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We all deserve to work in a clean environment. When such a place isn’t available the impact can be devastating. Commercial cleaning contractors are familiar with the short-term and long-term consequences of dirty surroundings, starting with sick employees and ending with frustrated customers. If you haven’t considered the cost of post construction cleaning or are starting to wonder how you can reduce the amount of sick days being taken, the list below will explore the myriad of benefits available in cleaning and janitorial services. Even a simple carpet cleaning or recycling procedure can make a world of difference.

Did You Know?

Working while sick is bad for everyone involved. It’s bad for the worker who needs bed rest and medication to recover, it’s bad for their co-workers who don’t want to catch their illness and it’s bad for customers who expect to walk into a clean environment when conducting business. One out of three people will still go to work while they’re sick and, according to a National Health Interview Survey, influenza alone is to blame for over 200 million days of diminished productivity. You can find commercial cleaners across all sorts of specialties, with some focusing on the cost of post construction cleaning and others more geared toward small businesses and studio environments.

Eliminate Bacteria And Illnesses

Bacteria is constantly hopping from place to place. In a workspace with dozens of employees? Even more so. The average desk is home to over 10 million bacteria, which doesn’t even cover all the bacteria found on commonly handled objects such as keyboards, cell phones, landlines, doorknobs and chairs. Influenza can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours and it’s estimated the average elevator button harbors millions of germs on its small surface. Cleaning services make sure your workers never have to worry about catching something on the clock.

Clear Out Pollen And Dust

Indoor air pollution is up to three times worse than outdoor air pollution. What does this mean for your employee’s health? The cost of post construction cleaning is nothing compared to the improved health and better retention rates your worker base will enjoy. Your carpet and air conditioning do the dual work of trapping airborne particles and filtering out harmful elements in the air, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to cleaning services for additional touch-ups. Some employees have minor to severe allergies to pollen and dust, giving them cold-like symptoms that can affect their productivity.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals And Contaminants

The last thing you want to do is remove bacteria and viruses only to replace them with equally harmful chemicals. Modern cleaning services have been emphasizing the green approach more than ever, as many cleaning chemicals have been linked to short-term side-effects such as breathing difficulty, headaches and skin irritation. Even worse? Some anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning liquids have been connected with cancer. Make sure you consider not just the cost of post construction cleaning, but the benefits of a green cleaning service that uses safe products.

Create A Commercial Cleaning Checklist

A filthy business environment is just asking for trouble. This is why you need to create a commercial cleaning checklist to adhere to once per week or every other week to ensure your workers and customers are properly accommodated. Emptying the trash alongside light cleaning (think vacuuming or dusting) starts at just $20 or $30 per visit, with the cost rising depending on the size of the office, the amount of restrooms and the type of cleaning requested. The cost of post construction cleaning can be as low as $150 and reach nearly $1,000, depending.

The amount of reduced sick days and improved customer relation, however, is priceless.

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