Improve Customer Relations with Helpdesk Ticketing System Software

Helpdesk ticketing system software

Is your company providing a positive customer experience? Are you searching for creative solutions to improve upon it? While some companies may clearly excel at providing excellent customer service, there may be room for improvement with others.

Are Your Customers Having a Positive Customer Experience?

While opinions of what constitutes a positive customer service will vary, it’s important that your customers feel that they are valued. When they contact your business for assistance, they expect your employees to engage them accordingly.

Even though a 2013 Gallup survey showed that 70% of United States’ employees are “disengaged” or “actively disengaged” while at work, others choose to be “actively engaged.” Furthermore, it appears that 72% of these individuals believe they can make a positive impact when it comes to delivering customer service.

How Long Are Your Customers Placed On Hold?

No one really wants to be placed on hold; this does occur on a daily basis, however. When customers contact your business, they may need to be rerouted in order to connect them with the most appropriate department. And yes, at other times, given a large volume of calls, they may need to be placed on hold.

On an annual basis, people in the United States are placed on hold for roughly 900 million hours. Over the course of their lifetime, this amounts to the average person spending 43 days waiting to speak with someone at a customer helpdesk.

How Long Do Your Customers Wait for an Email Response?

Many existing and prospective customers may prefer contacting businesses via email. One of the obvious reasons is because they won’t be placed on hold. However, when they don’t receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, this can obviously make a negative impact.

In other words, the email recipient, and potentially the company at large, may be viewed in a less favorable light, according to a 2010 study. It was shown that when it took 2 weeks to receive a response, or when a response wasn’t received at all, the perception was that these individuals were less credible.

In 2015 alone, there were over 205 million emails sent and received. On a daily basis, there were approximately 122 business emails exchanged. Given that the reading and responding to these emails may take up to 28% of the work week, a more efficient system could be in place.

Creative Solutions for Improving Business Workflow

Even when you deliver a positive customer experience, minimize the time customers are place on hold, and have reasonable email response times, there may be other ways to streamline your productivity. Have you considered learning more about customer helpdesk ticketing system software? What about a productivity tracking software ticket platform?

Because you want your business to be as efficient as possible, you want to locate the best process management software available. Since the average manager tends to spend 25% to 40% of their time dealing with workplace conflicts, you want to do everything possible to minimize this. When your customer helpdesk runs smoothly, and your employees are actively engaged with customer relations, it reflects positively on your business.


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