If Machines Rose Up Against Us, We’d Be Out of Luck

Komatsu equipment repair

Long gone are the days of the simple life, when people lived in simple homes and made, grew, or raised their own food. Now most people “need” so much more than they would ever be able to provide, build or access completely on their own. Yes, we are living in the time of the machines. And some of the machines are massive. Yet even in the most gargantuan machinery, heavy equipment components can be quite intricate and complex. So whatever projects you have going on that require such machines, it is a good idea to have regular and reliable heavy equipment servicing to ensure the quality and efficiency of your work.

Is this really the “time of the machines?”
Take a look around. Notice all of the machines that you use on a daily, if not hourly basis. You listen to music on a machine. Machines clean your clothes and dishes, and heat and cool your food. Yard work and heavy labor are made significantly easier with the use of machines. We talk to each other on machines, drive around in machines, even fly through the clouds in machines — something that only a few generations ago would have been thought to be impossible. People are kept alive in hospitals — even brought back from death! — with the use of machines. You are reading this on a machine. The fact is, we can’t get away from them these days. But take another step back to see an even bigger picture and you’ll see that machines are a big reason we live the way we do.

Machines as humanity’s life support
How do we get the food that sustains us? And the milk and juice and countless other beverages we drink? What about the clothing we wear or the house we live in? Machines have a hand in it all. Mass production and heavy equipment parts that aid in the construction of buildings have made easy access the norm of the day. And they range in function and type. Heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders can operate a large machine’s linkages, the core of movement, while hydraulic cartridges are capable of a huge range of flows, (five to over 5,000 gallons per minute) and at pressures of over 6000 pounds per square inch. Two-stroke engines (those with power cycles with an up and down movement) are often used in handheld machinery that requires quite a bit of power, like chainsaws.

Heavy machinery varies greatly based on its function and the applications it has for different situations. But one thing remains constant: the fact that machines are a full integrated part of our every day lives. Our world would change drastically if one day we no longer had use of them, or heaven forbid, they rose up against us.

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