How to Un-Childproof Those Pesky Medicine Bottle Caps

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There’s no doubt that it’s a good thing bottle packaging companies make their products childproof. If they didn’t, innocent tots might mistake hazardous medicines as candy or sweets, and accidentally ingest dangerous amounts. Basically, childproof bottle packaging designs save kids’ lives.

However, children aren’t the only ones who have a hard time opening them. Bottle packaging services inadvertently made their products difficult for seniors, arthritic persons, and others with hand problems. So if you don’t have kids, the bottle packaging designs are seemingly, pointlessly difficult.

Luckily, there are ways to un-childproof the containers, making them easier to open. Here’s how.

Push Down and Turn Bottle Packaging Designs.

To open these types of bottles, people have to press down hard on an outer cap, which then presses on an inner cap — the one that actually covers the medicine — and then turn the inner cap while handling the outer one.

The first way you can un-childproof these bottle packaging designs is to simply try to pop the outer cap off. You can use a counter top to do that.

Failing that, you can use a thumbtack to stick the two caps together. Just press down as though you were going to open it, and then put the thumbtack in just off center of the outer cap.

Squeeze the Sides and Turn Bottle Packaging Designs.

These bottle packaging designs are a bit easier to open than the push and turn types, but some may still have trouble applying the necessary pressure when squeezing. In order to un-childproof these, take a pair of nail clippers and find the two little tabs on the bottom of the cap that jut out. Use the clippers and take them off. This turns it into a regular old cap.

Bottle packaging services have peoples’ best interests at heart. Their childproof bottle packaging designs are meant to protect innocent, young lives, but if you don’t have any kids, they’re needlessly difficult to open. These tricks will help you open any and all bottle packaging designs with ease, but make sure the medicines are stored where no visiting child will find them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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