How to Open Any Type of Tough Blister Packaging

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Though there are different types of blister packaging, their design is generally the same. One type uses a card with a plastic shell that has blisters set in, which safely contain medicines. This medical packaging design safely protects the medicine, makes it obvious when someone’s tampered with the content, and is generally easy to open.

However, the other type of plastic blister packaging isn’t quite as easy. Sure, it’s even stronger than the other blister packaging designs, which guarantees the contents’ safety, but it’s perhaps a little too safe. Even consumers have a hard time getting it open!

Luckily, there are a few handy tricks you can use to get this tough packaging open.

If it’s clamshell… If you’re trying to get a clamshell package open, be careful. You might think that scissors, knives, and box cutters are a little too obvious to be the right tools, but they are. Since clamshells can be tough to open, it can be easy to slip and cut yourself with one of these. The best thing you can do is get the biggest, most heavy-duty scissors you can find, and take a crack at it.

If it’s consumer… If you’re trying to get consumer blister packaging open — and you probably are — then you’re going to want to get a can opener. Seriously. Manual can openers can help you get those annoying packages open in a jiff. Just treat one side of the package like you normally would a can, and then you can slip a knife in easily and open the rest.

If it’s a blister card… If you’re trying to get a pill out of a blister card, you’d be wise to use a pen knife, a pair of nail clippers, or some other small — but sharp — tool. These types of blister packaging are the easiest to open, but arthritis can make it a little tricky, and that’s okay. Just take the tip of something sharp, and pop the blister. Push the pill against the cut, and it should open easily.

If you have any questions about getting tough blister packaging open, feel free to share in the comments.

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