How to Find Exemplary Employees for Your Growing Business

Field service engineer

In 2015, a record 14,232 robots were sold from North American robotics companies; the value of these robots reached $840 million. As robotics technology continues to develop, it may not be farfetched to imagine robotic co-workers for all businesses one day soon — manufacturing regularly uses simple robotics already. While some of us may dream of a reliable and consistent robotic workforce some day, it is up to business recruiters to carefully hire experienced and reliable human workers in today’s world.

Good Help Can Be Hard to Find

Desires for a synthetic workforce likely stems from too much time with employees who for one reason or another simply don’t work out. Creating a set of criterion for a potential workforce is an effective way to help recruiters narrow down the pool for job candidates; a 2013 study found that the single largest source of qualified candidates came from applicant tracking systems, which was followed by referrals and then social media. American businesses have increased their applicant search potential by 11.3% in recent years according to a report by the Association of Executive Search Consultants — recruiting services can help companies broaden their executive search capabilities.

What Services are Provided Through a Recruiting Company?

Companies stated that 5.9% of their external hires from 2013 were sourced by a recruiting company; these figures are nearly double what they were the previous year, again evidencing a shift in executive recruitment strategies. As companies grow, the demand for experienced and qualified candidates rises: 71% of respondents in 2014 admitted that there was a shortage of skilled candidates in their respective sectors — this is a drop from the 76% of 2013 respondents. By narrowing their searches through executive search services, businesses can find the reliable, consistent workflow idealized through science fiction in living, breathing human professionals. So long as excellence can be found in the workplace, any business can thrive in today’s corporate world; one just needs to know where to look for that excellence.

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