How to Create Memorable Ads Using a Creative Advertising Agency

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Marketing your business is the first step towards a heightened brand awareness, which ought to be a central goal for all businessmen. Smart marketers know that building up your customer base with just 5% more customers could lead to an average profit per customer increase between 25% to 100%. Now, more than ever, businesses are looking towards a creative advertising agency to help their business stand out against the backdrop of competition. Here are some ways that an ad agency can help brand a product and establish a strong, healthy customer base for your business.

Get Your Word Out
Customers don’t usually just appear out of thin air, they need to be incentivized to enter your business. Nearly 76% of customers will interact with brands, products, and services before they even arrive at the store, making effective marketing tactics even more important in the grand scheme of the business world. Putting your product out in the world of traditional marketing can ensure that customers recognize and are familiar with your product before they even visit your business.

Connect to Customers Whenever, Wherever
One of the most effective advertising methods utilizes digital marketing in its marketing portfolio. Since nearly 80% of adults in the United States owns a smartphone, by missing out on this demographic you are effectively missing out on 80% of the population. Social networkers have been found to purchase from a brand they are following on Twitter or Facebook with up to 71% increased likeliness. Many businesses have taken advantage of a creative advertising agency already with 60% of brands looking to invest even more in digital marketing this year alone. There are so many businesses out there competing for customer attention. Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd; help stand out using a creative advertising agency.

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