How to choose the best bankruptcy lawyer

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting task. People often resort to selecting their attorney based solely on cost, because of desperation and pressure to save whatever money they have left. However, that is not an effective strategy, and can end up costing you more in the long run. Here are our top tips on how to choose the best lawyer when filing for bankruptcy:

Find a real expert. Plenty of lawyers can handle a variety of cases from commercial litigation to intellectual property to professional malpractice and everything in between. But when it comes to filing for bankruptcy, it would be in your best interest to find an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy issues. This ensures they are good at what they do and are up to speed on the latest laws and policies.

Get references. Sure, you can scroll through Google or flip through the phone book to find an attorney, but getting names from your family and friends can be a more reliable and trustworthy solution. If you know someone who has had a good experience with a bankruptcy lawyer in the past, you’ll feel better about your choice.

Check with the state or local bar association. They can provide you with the status of any lawyer, letting you know if they have ever been disciplined or had any issues. This will give you peace of mind moving forward and help you weed out the strongest candidates.

Are they reasonably priced? Sure, we said selecting your lawyer based solely on cost isn’t the best solution but it’s still a big factor to consider. You get what you pay for when it comes to the law. Choose an attorney who isn’t necessarily the cheapest but also isn’t the most outrageous. This is where a middle ground is ideal.

Go with your gut. While all of the above tips are important, when it comes down to it, you have to trust your instincts. Choose the lawyer you feel most comfortable and at east wit and who you think has your best interests at heart. Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting and exhausting process so you want to be working with someone who can make it as painless as possible.

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