How Local Online Marketing Benefits Through Optimization

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Online today, an estimated 93 percent of experiences will start with a search of some sort, whether for products or services. A large majority of these searches will involve a major search engine, and plenty will cover searches that are on a very local level. Advertising and marketing agencies do their best to put their clients in front of these searches, but not all are adept at crafting online solutions for customers. Some stick to traditional advertising and encourage sponsored ads for clients, but increasingly the average online marketing agency is looking into search engine optimization for local online marketing efforts.

After all, only about 20 percent of those searching online will click on the sponsored link, even though about 58 percent have researched products and services online, says Pew Research. Where does that leave the rest? They look at the organic links, which are brought about through SEO. What is more, 20 percent of Facebook users will buy something after either reading about it through the site or after seeing an ad for it there. A local online marketing agency represents these interests and more for customers.

Because searching this way and using email are the major online activities, those involved in Internet web marketing continue their efforts there as well. They are smart because they are ditching their encouragement of sponsored links and are utilizing SEO either through reselling it or offering it in house to grab for their clients a chunk of the local online marketing pie.

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