How Digital Marketing Services Can Increase The Prosperity Of Your Company

In today’s digital age, technology is everything. We live by our technology, our phones, our computers, and other devices that we feel that we would be lost without. Because of this reliance on technology, digital marketing services have become essential to the survival of any company. Digital marketing services are necessary, as much of the platform for advertising has moved to the online world.

As any company providing digital marketing services will tell you, brand management is key to the success of a brand, business, or company. And branding can be tied closely to web design in the digital age. How a website is set up may not seem that important at first glance, but it holds a considerable amount of significance. For instance, nearly half of potential customers said that they determined the credibility of a company primarily by its website and web design. If a company was lacking in a professional and easy to navigate website, it was less likely to draw in new customers and maintain current ones.

digital marketing services will be quick to tell you, appealing web design is not the only important aspect of a website. It must be easy to navigate and free from bugs as well. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, nearly half of all prospective customers will not wait on it and simply move on to another web page and, perhaps, another company’s services. If a website takes more than four seconds to load, statistics show that you will have lost one hundred percent of prospective customers attempting to look at your site. Therefore, it is critical that your web page function smoothly, as you will lost one hundred and fifty percent of potential customers if your website takes eight seconds or more to load.

One way to increase the accessibility of your website is to a create a mobile version of the site. Because phones can now essentially act as mini computers, more and more people are looking up information through their cell phones and not bothering with opening up their laptop or desktop computer. Unfortunately, however, many websites do not translate well to a mobile platform and can be incredibly difficult to navigate – if they work at all. By creating a mobile version of their site, more than half of all companies that did so found that their overall sales increased by a considerable margin. As digital marketing services will tell you, convenience is key.

But having a nice and functional website design, while certainly important, is not all that matters for digital marketing purposes. Social media advertising represents another important shift in the way brands are marketed. Social media marketing has become essential as more and more people join social media platforms. In fact, nearly eighty percent of companies in the United States have teams that are dedicated just to social media. However, the majority of potential customers and consumers have had a negative experience with social media marketing, so it’s important that these social media teams tread lightly and responsibly. Social media marketing should be directed at the intended demographics in order to avoid frustration with the presence of advertisements.

In today’s digital age, digital marketing services are a must for the survival of any business or company in the United States. With people so technologically in tune, marketing across digital platforms has become essential for continued prosperity and growth. There are a number of important factors for successful digital marketing, from well thought out social media campaigns to a thoroughly well designed and easy to use website.

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